M.V.P. Vertical Jump Workout Program 2.0

$24.99 $39.99 -38% OFF

M.V.P. Vertical Jump Workout Program 2.0

$24.99 $39.99 -38% OFF

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The Vertical Jump Program that Trains All 4 Areas of Your Body that Will Increase Your Vertical Jump 6" to 12 "...with a Pro Trainer

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  • Alan will help you Develop the 4 Areas You MUST Develop to Jump as High as Possible
  • Helps You Jump As High As You Possibly Can
  • Avoid Wasting Time Doing Exercises & Workouts That Don't Work
  • Develop Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers that make you explosive & rapidly increase vertical jump
  • Effortlessly Follow Along the 12 Week Plan - Printable Workout Sheets Included
  • Attack Bigger Players at the Rim

Alan's Masterplan to Dunking the Basketball

The 4 Training Techniques in One Vertical Jump Program that you MUST DO to Jump as High as you Possibly Can

Alan Stein's M.V.P. Vertical Jump program is a comprehesive program that will train all areas of your body that will help you jump higher. If you want to jump as high as you possibly can then you MUST train these 4 areas:

  1. Core - Jumping is a full body exercise and the stronger your core is the higher you will be able to jump.
  2. Power - Develop explosive power so that you can get off the ground and flying up in the air.
  3. Strength - Overload your muscles so that they can produce more force.
  4. Flexibility - the wider range of motion a muscle has the more power it can produce.

So if you want to reach your Maximum Vertical Potential then you need to train these four areas and Alan's M.V.P. Vertical Jump program will train all of these areas and help you jump as high as you possibly can.

Use a Vertical Jump Program by a Trainer that is Trusted by the Pros!

"Alan's MVP Jump Program is Unbelievable" - Kevin Durant

"Coach Stein helped me gain nearly 20 pounds my senior year at Montrose and continues to work with me to this day. The added size, strength, and explosiveness he has helped me gain has made me a better player on the court. He really helped me make the transition from high school, to college, and from college to the NBA."

Vertical Jump Program by Alan Stein Basketball Trainer

Vertical Jump Workout Sheets Included to Track Workouts

Vertical Jump PDF

Included is a Printable PDF file so you can use with an entire team or for your friends. The PDF file is on the DVD version and is included as a link for you to download with the download version.

Here's What NBA Superstar Kevin Durant
Thinks About Alan Stein's Training

Meet Coach Alan Stein

Why is Training with Alan Stein Different?

Alan Stein MVP Vertical Jump Program Video

When the best players in the world need a rapid increase in speed, strength and explosive power… Alan Stein is the man they call.

Alan is the owner of StrongerTeam, and the head strength and conditioning coach for the Nike Basketball Summer Academies. He is a former coach of the NBA Player Association’s Top 100 Camp… Former strength & conditioning coach for the McDonald’s All-American game… And, current head coach at the nationally renowned DeMatha Catholic High School — a school that has produced more NBA players than almost any other high school in the history of basketball.

Bottom line: when it comes to building a pro-level basketball body, Alan is the best in the world.

About Alan Stein...

DeMatha High School Vertical Jump Program

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