Louis Cayer - `The great champions always give an extra`


Louis Cayer - `The great champions always give an extra`

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In the latest episode of "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices," Louis Cayer, a mastermind in the world of tennis coaching, unveils the ethos that propels great champions towards excellence. Hosted by Fernando Segal, this podcast episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to imbibe the spirit of true champions, both in sports and in life.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive Insights from a Master Coach: Louis Cayer, renowned for his expertise in doubles tennis, shares invaluable lessons from his illustrious coaching career.
  • Champion's Mindset: Learn what sets great champions apart, including how they think, act, and consistently strive to give that extra effort.
  • Comprehensive Access: Access this illuminating episode for free on the Tennis ONE app, offering easy and comprehensive access to sports enthusiasts.
  • Renowned Host and Platform: Hosted by Fernando Segal and produced by the Segal Institute with international support from the GPTCA, ensuring quality content delivered by tennis insiders.
  • Award-Winning Coaching Insights: Benefit from the strategies and philosophies of a coach who has developed 7 world No. 1 doubles players and has been a part of a Davis Cup Champion team.
  • Widely Recognized Excellence: Louis Cayer has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the ITF Award, for his contributions to tennis.

Why This Episode is a Must-Watch for Aspiring Champions

Whether you're an up-and-coming athlete, a seasoned player, or a coach looking to enhance your methodology, Louis Cayer's episode offers a rare glimpse into the mindset that fosters greatness. This episode is not just about tennis; it's about adopting a champion's mindset in all walks of life. It’s about pushing boundaries, continuous improvement, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


  • How can I watch the episode?
    Download the Tennis ONE app to watch the full episode for free.
  • Who is Louis Cayer?
    Louis Cayer is a renowned tennis coach, known especially for his expertise in doubles. He has been a part of the coaching team for several world No. 1 doubles players and has been recognized with numerous awards for his contributions to the sport.
  • What is "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices"?
    A podcast series hosted by Fernando Segal, focusing on insights and stories from tennis coaches around the world. It's produced by the Segal Institute with international support from the GPTCA.
  • Who should listen to this episode?
    Anyone interested in tennis, sports psychology, coaching, and personal development will find this episode invaluable. It’s tailored for those who aim to excel in sports and life.

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