Louis Cayer - As a coach it is important to work as a team


Louis Cayer - As a coach it is important to work as a team

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In the latest episode of "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices", the renowned coach Louis Cayer shares invaluable insights on the essence of teamwork in tennis coaching. This episode is a treasure trove for coaches at all levels, especially those associated with federations or associations. Here’s why:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Louis Cayer, a master coach in doubles and LTA High Performance Advisor, delivers practical advice grounded in years of successful experience.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Cayer discusses how collaboration among coaches can significantly enhance personal and training profiles, leading to better outcomes for players.
  • High-Quality Content: Hosted by Fernando Segal, an international tennis leader, this episode is produced by the Segal Institute with global support from the GPTCA.
  • Accessibility: Watch the full episode for free by downloading the Tennis ONE app, making it easy for coaches everywhere to gain from Cayer’s expertise.
  • Award-Winning Coaching: Cayer’s approach is proven, having developed seven No.1 doubles players and contributed to numerous top 10/50 ATP/WTA rankings.
  • Recognition: As a recipient of the ITF Award and other accolades, Cayer’s advice comes with high credibility and reflects his impact on the tennis world.

Why Listen to Louis Cayer?

Whether you're guiding a future Davis Cup champion or nurturing local talent, the wisdom shared by Cayer offers a blueprint for success. His emphasis on teamwork transcends tennis, providing lessons on leadership, collaboration, and personal development. This episode not only sheds light on Cayer’s coaching philosophy but also equips you with the tools to foster a more cohesive and effective coaching team.


  • How can I access the full episode?
    You can watch the full episode for free by downloading the Tennis ONE app.
  • Is this episode suitable for coaches at all levels?
    Yes, Louis Cayer’s insights are valuable for coaches at any level, whether you're working at the grassroots or with elite athletes.
  • Can I apply these teamwork principles outside of tennis coaching?
    Absolutely, the principles of effective teamwork and leadership discussed by Louis Cayer are applicable in various coaching and management scenarios.

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