Liam Smith and the stigma of being a coach without having been a player


Liam Smith and the stigma of being a coach without having been a player

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In this compelling episode of The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices, hosted by international tennis leader Fernando Segal, we dive deep into the journey of Liam Smith. Unlike many, Smith has carved a niche for himself in the tennis coaching world without having the traditional background of a former player. This episode, brought to you by the Segal Institute with international support from the GPTCA, reveals the challenges and triumphs of a man who has risen above the stigma to lead with distinction.

Key Features and Benefits

  • In-depth Interview: Personal and professional insights from Liam Smith, showcasing his path to becoming a renowned tennis coach.
  • Overcoming Stereotypes: A firsthand account of navigating and succeeding in an industry biased towards former players.
  • Expert Host: Fernando Segal, an international tennis leader, brings his expertise to the table, enriching the conversation.
  • Exclusive Content: Available for free on the Tennis ONE app, providing easy access to this and other inspirational stories.
  • Esteemed Coaching Profile: Former coach of tennis stars like Gael Monfils and Coco Gauff, and a leading figure in global tennis coaching.

Why Listen to This Episode?

Whether you're an aspiring coach, a tennis enthusiast, or someone who loves a story of resilience and success, this episode offers valuable lessons and inspiration. Liam Smith's journey challenges the conventional wisdom that one must follow a predefined path to achieve greatness. His story is a testament to the power of determination, knowledge, and the right mentorship.

How to Access?

Unlock this exclusive content by downloading the Tennis ONE app today. Experience the journey of Liam Smith and many other coaches who are changing the game, one story at a time.


  • Is the Tennis ONE app free to download?
    Yes, the app is available for free download, providing access to a wealth of tennis content.
  • Who should listen to this episode?
    It's perfect for anyone interested in tennis, coaching, overcoming challenges, and personal growth stories.
  • What can I gain from this episode?
    Insights into the professional world of tennis coaching, the resilience needed to overcome industry stereotypes, and inspiration from Liam Smith's successful career.

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