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Just For Kids

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Why Choose "Just For Kids"?

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for coaches and parents across all sports, providing a treasure trove of nearly 200 creative games and skill-builders.
  • Expert Guidance: Created by Joe Dinoffer, a Master Professional in both the PTR and USPTA, with over 30,000 hours of instruction experience.
  • Comprehensive Topics: Covers essential skills through engaging content on Balance, Movement, Hand Skills, Team Building, and Tricks and Time-Fillers.
  • Engaging for All Ages: Designed to captivate juniors of all ages, and even adults, making learning fun and effective.
  • High-Quality Production: Enjoy 72 minutes of professionally filmed content, accessible and easy to follow for everyone.
  • Global Experience: Benefit from Joe's extensive experience conducting clinics and exhibitions in over 50 countries.

Benefits of Integrating "Just For Kids" into Your Coaching or Parenting Approach

  • Boosts Physical Development: Enhances balance, coordination, and movement through playful engagement.
  • Improves Social Skills: Promotes team building and cooperation, crucial skills for young athletes.
  • Encourages Creativity: Stimulates imagination with tricks and time-fillers, making every session unique and enjoyable.
  • Flexible Application: Whether on a tennis court or any play area, these activities translate across various environments.
  • Endless Fun: With nearly 200 games, kids will always have something new to try, keeping their interest high and screen time low.

Transform Your Coaching with "Just For Kids"

Embrace a new way of engaging young athletes. "Just For Kids" is more than a DVD; it's a comprehensive tool that brings joy, learning, and growth into the world of junior sports. Created by an acclaimed expert in the field, this DVD ensures your young athletes or children are not only developing their physical abilities but also enjoying every step of their journey. Don't miss the chance to make a lasting impact on their growth and love for sports. Order now and see the difference for yourself!


  • Is "Just For Kids" suitable for beginners? Absolutely! The DVD is designed to cater to juniors of all skill levels, making it perfect for beginners and more experienced young athletes alike.
  • Can these activities be applied to sports other than tennis? Yes, the activities are not tennis specific. They are designed to enhance fundamental athletic skills, making them applicable to any sport.
  • Do I need any special equipment? Most games and activities can be conducted with minimal equipment, making it easy to get started right away.
  • How can I purchase the "Just For Kids" DVD? You can easily purchase the DVD through reputable online platforms or directly from the Oncourt Offcourt website for quick and convenient access to this incredible resource.

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