John Woodens UCLA Offense


John Woodens UCLA Offense

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John Wooden's legacy as the best basketball coach of all time results not only from his unparalleled championship-winning record but also from his brilliance as a tactician and teacher. In John Wooden's UCLA Offense, Coach Wooden reconfirms his instructional genius in an unprecedented inside look at the offensive system that made his teams impossible to defend, including many never-before-published play options and insights.


This richly detailed book and DVD presentation features the famous high-post and high-low attacks, many special play options, sideline and under-the-basket in-bound plays, and press-breaking tactics. This package gives you much more than just the standard Xs and Os. You'll gain insights on each facet of offensive play, the fundamentals for success as an individual and team on the offensive end, and the strategic nuances and teaching points that result in consistent, precise execution.


Featuring principles used in today's popular motion and triangle offenses, John Wooden's UCLA Offense is still as potent and unstoppable today as it was during the Bruins' dynasty years. Whether you wish to add only certain options and plays, or want to incorporate the entire package into your offensive arsenal, every facet and step in the process is provided. Score big with this special chance to learn the game from a legend, and see your team's offensive productivity rise to new heights.


What Others Are Saying


Basketball Hall of Fame - Bill Walton


"John Wooden's UCLA Offense is truly much more than a textbook and DVD. Like Einstein and Newton, Coach Wooden was able to take a sophisticated theory and present it in its simplest, most useful form. In that way, his revelations about the components, continuity, flexibility, and creativity of the offense provide coaches with a tool akin to what the wheel and light bulb offered people in previous eras. Coach Wooden and Swen Nater ensure that you'll have everything you'll need to enlighten your offensive attack and get it rolling better than ever!"


Coach of Olympic, NCAA, and NIT championship teams - Pete Newell


"John Wooden's UCLA Offense is a must for coaches seeking to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the game. This book and DVD provide a special opportunity to learn from two of the game's best teachers."


University of Tennessee head coach, first women's coach to reach 800 victories - Pat Summitt


"As the great teacher he is, Coach Wooden provides not only the "what" but also the "how" and the "why" of UCLA's legendary offensive attack. This book and DVD clearly detail the high post and high-low offenses as well as special plays and concepts that produced 10 NCAA Division I national championship teams."


Michigan State University head coach - Tom Izzo


"John Wooden's UCLA Offense reminds me of just how meticulous the greatest basketball coach of all time was in teaching the game and devising winning tactics. Even more valuable than the detailed Xs and Os are the many insights offered by the coach throughout the book and DVD. Learn from the best to teach and coach your best."


Table of Contents


PART 1.The Foundation
Chapter 1.Origin of the Offense
Chapter 2.Principles for Offensive Success

PART 2.High Post
Chapter 3.Guard to Guard to Center
Chapter 4.Guard to Guard to Forward: Outside Cut
Chapter 5.Guard to Guard to Forward: UCLA Cut

PART 3.High-Low
Chapter 6.Guard to High Post
Chapter 7.Guard to Wing

PART 4.Solutions to Pressure
Chapter 8.Half-Court Pressure Release
Chapter 9.Three-Quarter-Court Press Attack
Chapter 10.Full-Court Press Attack

PART 5.Special Plays and Options
Chapter 11.Special Half-Court Plays
Chapter 12.Out-of-Bounds Plays

PART 6.Techniques, Tactics, and Team
Chapter 13.Fundamentals and Drills
Chapter 14.Game Preparation and Adjustments
Chapter 15.Teamwork

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