Jenny Adcock - VOLLEYBALL LIVE DEMO - Keeping Practice Competitive


Jenny Adcock - VOLLEYBALL LIVE DEMO - Keeping Practice Competitive

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Why Choose Jenny Adcock's Coaching Methods?

  • Experience and Accreditation: Benefit from over two decades of coaching experience, including leading teams to undefeated District Championships and a State Championship.
  • Expertise in Engagement: Learn drills that keep practice competitive and ensure sustained athlete engagement from a seasoned professional.
  • Proven Track Record: Jenny's leadership has consistently led teams to playoff appearances and championship victories.
  • Leadership and Recognition: With roles such as the president of the Greater Houston Volleyball Coaches Association and a member of the AVCA High School Leadership Council, Jenny brings a wealth of knowledge and recognition to her coaching methods.
  • Comprehensive Learning: The 54-minute live demo is packed with actionable insights and techniques to transform your coaching and your team's performance.

What You'll Gain from This Live Demo

  • Engagement Strategies: Discover innovative drills designed to maintain high levels of engagement among athletes during practice.
  • Competitive Edge: Elevate your team's competitive spirit through proven competitive practice methodologies.
  • Leadership Skills: Enhance your coaching by adopting leadership traits from one of the most accomplished coaches in high school volleyball.
  • Access to Expertise: Gain invaluable insights from Jenny Adcock’s storied career and her contributions to volleyball coaching.


Who should watch this live demo?

Coaches at all levels who are looking to enhance their team's competitiveness and engagement during practices will find this demo invaluable.

What will I learn from Jenny Adcock's live demo?

You will learn competitive drills, strategies for athlete engagement, and leadership skills that have been honed over a 21-year coaching career.

How long is the live demo?

The live demo runs for 54 minutes, offering a comprehensive look into effective volleyball coaching strategies.

Is this suitable for coaches of all levels?

Yes, whether you're a new coach or have years of experience, Jenny's insights and methodologies can help elevate your coaching strategy.

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