Jacco Eltingh - How is communication in doubles?


Jacco Eltingh - How is communication in doubles?

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In the latest episode of "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices," tennis legend Jacco Eltingh reveals the critical role of communication in doubles tennis. This insightful episode is hosted by the renowned Fernando Segal and is a must-watch for players and coaches aiming to elevate their game.

Why This Episode Is A Must-Watch:

  • Expert Insights: Learn directly from Jacco Eltingh, a former ATP #1 Doubles Champion and Grand Slam winner, as he shares his valuable experiences and tactics.
  • Enhance Team Dynamics: Discover the importance of timing and the type of communication that can make or break your doubles game.
  • International Recognition: Benefit from the knowledge of a tennis leader recognized globally, with insights designed and produced by the Segal Institute and supported internationally by the GPTCA.
  • Exclusive Access: Access this episode for free by downloading the Tennis ONE app, offering you insights unavailable elsewhere.
  • Comprehensive Tennis Wisdom: With Eltingh's background as a six-time Grand Slam champion and his coaching expertise, gain unparalleled advice that covers technical, strategic, and psychological aspects of doubles tennis.

Benefits of Watching This Episode:

  • Improve Your Communication Skills: Understand the nuances of effective on-court communication to enhance your coordination and strategy execution with your partner.
  • Learn From the Best: Absorb the winning strategies and mental approaches of a tennis great who has achieved the highest levels of success in the sport.
  • Boost Your Performance: Apply the lessons and tips from this episode to see immediate improvements in your doubles game.
  • Free and Easy Access: Get this valuable resource at no cost by simply downloading an app, making it an accessible tool for players and coaches at all levels.


  • How can I watch the episode?
    You can watch the episode for free by downloading the Tennis ONE app.
  • Is this episode suitable for all levels of players?
    Yes, players and coaches of all levels will find valuable insights and tips in this episode.
  • Who is Jacco Eltingh?
    Jacco Eltingh is a former ATP #1 Doubles Champion, Grand Slam winner, and an esteemed coach, recognized internationally in the tennis community.

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