International Playbook: Maccabi Ashdod/Coach Brad Greenberg


International Playbook: Maccabi Ashdod/Coach Brad Greenberg

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Attention Basketball Coaches and Enthusiasts!

Have you ever wondered how top international teams like Maccabi Ashdod consistently dominate the basketball court? The answer lies in their sophisticated play actions, strategic planning, and the brilliant mind of Coach Brad Greenberg. Now, for the first time, Scouting4U brings you an exclusive video breakdown of Maccabi Ashdod's winning strategies.

Why You Need This Playbook

With over 50 minutes of detailed half-court play actions, including pick and rolls, shooter strategies, and post-up actions, this playbook is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to elevate their game or coaching skills. Whether you're coaching a high school team or just a fan of the game, understanding these strategies can give you a fresh perspective on basketball tactics.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Video Analysis: Over 50 minutes of play actions broken down.
  • Expert Insight: Strategies from Brad Greenberg, a renowned US college and international coach.
  • Playbook Included: Not just videos, but a detailed playbook of Maccabi Ashdod's strategies.
  • Exclusive Content: Actions to get shooters open, pick and rolls, and post-up actions that have led Maccabi Ashdod to success.
  • Easy Access: Stream online from anywhere, learn at your own pace.
  • Boost Your Coaching: Apply these strategies to your team and watch them flourish.


Who can benefit from this playbook?
Basketball coaches at any level, players wanting to understand higher-level playmaking, and fans who wish to gain insights into professional basketball strategies.

How do I access the playbook and videos?
Upon purchase, you will receive a link to both the playbook and the video breakdowns. You can access them anytime, from any device with internet access.

Is this suitable for beginners?
Yes! While the playbook is designed with an in-depth understanding of basketball, it's structured in a way that beginners can learn and apply the concepts at their own pace.

Can these strategies be applied to teams outside of professional basketball?
Absolutely. The principles of good basketball are universal. These strategies can be adapted and applied at various levels, from high school competitions to amateur leagues.

Don't miss this chance to gain a competitive edge with the International Playbook: Maccabi Ashdod/Coach Brad Greenberg. Elevate your team's performance, understand the intricacies of professional playmaking, and bring your coaching skills to the next level. Visit to secure your copy today!

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