Individual PE equipment challenges to develop sport skills (+task cards)


Individual PE equipment challenges to develop sport skills (+task cards)

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Transform PE Lessons into an Adventure of Skill-Building Fun

  • 42 Unique Individual Activities: With video demonstrations for each challenge, students can easily understand and master the skills at their own pace. From hoop spins to noodle jumps, there's something for every child to enjoy and learn from.
  • Diverse Equipment Use: Utilizing 7 different types of equipment, these activities are designed to develop balance, coordination, whole-body control, and strength, making PE lessons dynamic and engaging.
  • High-Quality Printable Task Cards: Easily set up a circuit or a "roulette challenge wheel" in your gym hall or playground. The task cards come with clear instructions to ensure a smooth and fun learning experience.
  • Bonus Posters for Quick Reference: Larger printable posters display the different tasks for each equipment piece, perfect for gym halls or outdoor playgrounds, allowing students to challenge themselves even during recess.
  • Professional Sports-Coach Level Resources: Designed for easy teaching and implementation, these activities and resources are crafted to bring the best out of each student, fostering a love for physical activity and sports.

Why Choose Individual PE Equipment Challenges?

  • Encourages Independent Learning: Students learn at their own pace, promoting self-confidence and personal achievement.
  • Minimal Setup Required: Designed for busy teachers, these activities require minimal setup time, allowing more time for engagement and instruction.
  • Engages All Skill Levels: With a wide variety of challenges, every student, regardless of their skill level, can find activities that challenge and excite them.
  • Supports Home Practice: With accessible video demonstrations, students can continue to practice and refine their skills outside of school.


Q: Who is this pack for?

A: This pack is ideal for all elementary-grade teachers looking to enhance their PE program with fun, individual activities that students can enjoy and learn from.

Q: Do I need to purchase special equipment?

A: The activities require basic PE equipment, such as hoops, noodles, high-bounce balls, spot markers, bean bags, agility ladders, and exercise balls. Most schools already have these items in their inventory.

Q: Can these activities be done outdoors?

A: Yes, these activities can be set up in gym halls, playgrounds, or any outdoor field, making them versatile for any school setting.

Q: Are the video demonstrations easy to follow?

A: Absolutely! Each video is designed with clear instructions and demonstrations, ensuring that every student can understand and perform the activities correctly.

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