Ice Hockey Coaches Board


Ice Hockey Coaches Board

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Dominate the Ice with Winning Strategies: Introducing the Ice Hockey Coaches Board

Every coach dreams of leading their team to victory. But crafting winning plays takes practice, clear communication, and a visual tool to bring it all together. Introducing the Ice Hockey Coaches Board, your secret weapon for strategizing like a pro.

Breakdown the Game on the Fly

This clipboard isn't your average notepad. It features a massive, 10"x 16" illustration of a full hockey rink on the front, perfect for laying out offensive and defensive formations. Whether you're plotting a power play or dissecting the penalty kill, the Ice Hockey Coaches Board provides ample space to sketch out every detail.

Need to make adjustments during a timeout? No problem! The back features a half-rink illustration, ideal for quick strategy tweaks or focusing on specific zones.

Key Features for Unmatched Coaching

  • Large, double-sided canvas: Strategize on a full-size rink or focus on specific areas with the half-rink layout.
  • Dry-erase surface: Easily wipe away plays and formations for on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Integrated clipboard: Keep notes, drills, and player information organized.
  • Dry erase marker included: Start diagramming plays right away.


Q: Is the marker magnetic?

A: No, the marker is not magnetic. However, the clipboard itself is not either, so loose markers shouldn't be a concern.

Q: Can I use this board with other sports?

A: While the design is specifically for ice hockey, the dry-erase surface allows for use with other sports that benefit from a field visualization.

Q: How durable is the board?

A: The Ice Hockey Coaches Board is made with high-quality materials to withstand the wear and tear of practices and games.

Upgrade your coaching game today with the Ice Hockey Coaches Board. Visualize winning strategies, communicate effectively, and lead your team to victory. Order yours now!

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