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How to Clean Basketball Backboard the Easy Way...and Without a Ladder!

Don't you hate it when you look up at your basketball backboard and see how dirty it is? Maybe you think it's just the lighting so you move around and you can still see al the streaks, fingerprints, and whatever else is on there.

You've gotten your gym floor shining and looking good so why not have the backboard looking good all the time too? It's hard isn't? Getting a ladder out, trying to hold on to your rag and bottle of spray and then not falling of the ladder. Then you're going to have to move the ladder to the other side and how are you going to reach above the basket in the middle of the backboard?

No wonder glass backboards always look dirty. It's too much hassle and dangerous to clean them! Cleaning them is no fun!

But there is a really easy way to clean a glass basketball backboard. Introducing the HoopClean Basketball Backboard system which allows you to clean your glass or acrylic backboard. Now cleaning the backboard is fun and easy!

What is the Best Way to Clean an Acrylic Basketball Backboard?

With an 8 foot extendable pole, you'll never have to use a ladder again putting anyone in danger of falling and you'll get the streaks, smudges, and fingerprints off that glass backboard so it looks as good as your gym floor!

Easily Clean your acrylic basketball backboard with the highly sbosrbent microfiber pad then flip the pad over to use the squeegee to finish with a streak free acrylic or glass backboard.

  • 100% high quality microfiber holds 7X it's weight in water so you can get every last drop of cleaner
  • Fiber length of 16mm is soft and gentle on your hoop and won't cause damage
  • Extra padding ensures high water retention so you have a dry finish
  • Machine Washable so you don't have to replace the pad
  • High tear and wear resistance which means you'll get years and years use out of the HoopClean
  • 8' Extendable Pole means your backboard will be cleaner than ever from top to bottom
  • Adaptable angle 10° - 25° - 40° makes it easy to hit any spot on your basketball hoop
  • Super smooth swivel movement makes it easy to handle and won't feel like your doing a workout when cleaning
  • Swivel lock button to keep the pad right where you want it to avoid constantly making adjustments

So make your life easier and make your backboard cleaner than ever. You're floor and backboards will be shining when the fans pour in leaving them impressed with what a clean facility you have. Order your HoopClean Backboard cleaning system today.