High Level Throwing� - Arm Pathway Training


High Level Throwing� - Arm Pathway Training

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Discover the Secret to Enhancing Your Throwing Technique

Introducing the revolutionary High Level Throwing® course, meticulously crafted by Austin Wasserman. This unique program is specifically designed for overhand throwing athletes who wish to transform their technique and achieve optimal performance. With the innovative Water Bottle Drill, this course introduces a groundbreaking approach to developing an efficient arm pathway, crucial for minimizing stress on the shoulders and elbows, and ensuring a harmonious force distribution during throws.

Why Choose High Level Throwing®?

  • Enhanced Arm Pathway Understanding: Learn the mechanics of an efficient arm pathway with the Water Bottle Drill, reducing resistance and interference with your current throwing volume.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury: An efficient arm path decreases the likelihood of shoulder and elbow stress by promoting the body as the primary source of throwing force.
  • Improved Timing: Achieve proper synchronization between your arm and lower body, enhancing your overall throwing performance.
  • Dynamic Movement Training: Move beyond static, robotic training methods with drills designed to make you FEEL the movement through positions during a throw.
  • Comprehensive Drill Videos: Gain access to multiple drill videos, including the Water Bottle Drill from various angles and the Pitching Water Bottle Drill, complete with explanations and clarifications.

What's Included?

This course offers a detailed exploration of the Water Bottle Drill, including:

  • Water Bottle Drill Version 2.0
  • L Water Bottle Drill and Normal Throws Using Water Bottle
  • Water Bottle Drill 8 oz Anterior and Posterior Views
  • High Level Throwing - Pitching Water Bottle Drill 8oz
  • Exclusive access to downloadable content for on-the-go training

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
The High Level Throwing® course is ideal for athletes involved in overhand throwing sports who seek to improve their arm pathway efficiency and reduce the risk of injury.

How does the Water Bottle Drill work?
The Water Bottle Drill uses a water bottle to simulate the throwing motion with less resistance, allowing athletes to focus on the movement pattern of the arm without the strain of a full throw.

Can this course help prevent injuries?
Yes, by focusing on creating an efficient arm pathway, the course helps in reducing the stress on shoulders and elbows, which are common injury sites for throwing athletes.

For more information and to take the first step towards revolutionizing your throwing technique, visit www.highlevelthrowing.com.

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