Hands on Shooter Basketball w- Hand Placement

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Hands on Shooter Basketball w- Hand Placement

$24.99 $29.99 -17% OFF


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The #1 Training Basketball to Easily Learn Correct Hand Placement on the Basketball & Avoid the 3 Playing Time Killers!

PLAYING TIME KILLER #1 - Not Being a Good Shooter

How the Hands on Shooter Helps Your Child Learn to Shoot the Right Way!

Stop Bad Habits before they ever develop by teaching your child to shoot the basketball the right way from the beginning. Too many kids develop bad habits from the start and then stick with them their entire career meaning they miss shots that could have been made shots for years and years. Be a Shot Maker not a Shot Taker!

basketball with hand placement for shooting

PLAYING TIME KILLER #2 - Can't Make Weak Hand Layups

Coaches Quickly Rank Players by Who Can Make Layups from Either Side of the Court - Make a Great First Impression!

The unspoken truth is that coaches quickly start ranking players on their team by who can make layups with their weak hand. You see, coaches know that if a player can't go to their weak hand they won't be able to score easy layups in games and they are a liability on offense. Make a great first impression with your coach so that you go to the top of their list. The Hands On Shooter makes it easy to learn correct hand placement on weak-hand layups!

PLAYING TIME KILLER #3 - Can't Pass vs. Pressure

Cut Your Turnovers By Being Able to Make Right & Left Handed Passes...and Stay in the Game!

If you are going to make good passes vs. defensive pressure you are going to have to be able to throw strong, one-handed passes that allow you to step by the defender and relieve the pressure. A player that has to use two hands will often put the ball above their head, stand on their toes, and try to throw the ball over their defender. This pass is usually a slow lob pass that is easily stolen by the defense. Be a player that can handle and step by defensive pressure and then fire in a strong one handed pass that doesn't result in a turnover.

Shooting is Easy as 1,2,3...

hand placement basketball training equipiment

Hand Placement for Shooting Hand

how to properly hold a basketball when shooting

Hand Placement for Guide or Off Hand

how to teach your child to properly shoot the basketball

Fire Away!

Best Hand Placement for Shooting a Basketball

Here's a message for every Parent Of A Basketball Player - at any age - who needs to help their child learn to shoot the ball correctly from the beginning, but can't always be with them when practicing their shooting skills.

Hi, my name is Coach Chris and if you want your child to succeed with learning to shoot the basketball correctly which means more made shots in games, then pay very close attention!

Many parents of basketball players think that attending camps, hiring personal trainers is all they need to get their child to learn to shoot the ball correctly.

basketball with hands printed on it shot training

Where Shot Development Really Happens...

But that's not the case. Most of your child's shot development is going to take place when no coach, trainer, or parent is around. And maybe you have spent money on camps and trainers and their shot still isn't improving.

Which means your camp and personal training money is wasted unless your child is taking what is learned at camp or with the trainer and applying it to their individual practice.

You see, it's hard to remember all that is covered at a camp and honestly your child probably receives very little individual instruction at most camps.

So if you're a parent who wants to teach their child to shoot the basketball correctly from the beginning... then what I'm about to show you could change your child's basketball career for the better.

hand placement for shooting a basketball

Basketball with Hands Printed On It

I'd like to introduce you to HoopsKing Hands On Basketball which has the built in coach so your child knows how to correctly hold the basketball when shooting - even when you, a coach or a trainer isn't around!

The HoopsKing Hands On Basketball makes it simple for you to:

  • Use the built in coach so your child ALWAYS knows where their hands go when shooting ball - even if you, a coach, or a trainer isn't around....
  • Learn to shoot weak hand layups correctly by using the 2nd pair of hands on the ball...so many young players shoot weak hand layups with two hands but should be shooting them with one.
  • Don't be in the majority of players who have poor shooting form - most players do and that leads to many missed shots over the course of a career that could have been made shots...be in the minority of players that have great looking shots and that make more shots in real games.
  • Make great left and right handed passes as well because the hands are placed where you would make a right or left one-handed pass...as your child moves up in levels of basketball being able to pass equally well with either hand will separate them from other players and get coaches to notice them.
  • Your child's confidence in shooting will soar and they will be accomplishing this on their own. And that's huge for personal growth and development. The built in coach allows them to self-teach which means they are doing it themselves which will give them a confidence boost not only on the court but off of it. It's always rewarding to learn new things on our own....

The Hands On Ball Does More than Just Help with Your Shot!

Now you never have to worry about your child practicing on their own without someone to correct them again! The built in coach is always there.

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like your camp and personal training money is wasted because your child forgets what was taught or goes back to their old habits.

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "HoopsKing Hands On Basketball" immediately and it costs Less than 1 day at any shooting camp.

So again, if you're a parent who wants to teach their child to:

  • shoot the basketball correctly from the beginning which means more made shots in games
  • make one handed passes vs. pressure defense which means less turnovers
  • make weak hand layups with ease which means more points scored


  1. Shooting the basketball is a skill most players struggle with and learning good habits right away is key to not developing bad habits that will stick with them down the line....
  2. Get an edge on the competition right now - other parents will wonder what your child is doing outside of practice to improve their shot so much....
  3. The Hands on Shooter couldn't make it any easier for your child to properly shoot the basketball. so don't wait - start benefitting right now and watch them make more shots in games....


how to teach your child to shoot the basketball

As a bonus I'm throwing in my Fundamentals of Shooting the basketball video which will teach you step by step how to teach your child to shoot the basketball in just 10 minutes a day. We use the Hands on Shooter in the video so it's easy to follow along.

Teach your child to shoot the basketball correctly whether you are around or not and watch them make more shots in games.

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Order Now & Start Training with the HoopsKing Hands on Basketball!

  1. Built in Coach for Proper Hand Placement when shooting the basketball everytime!
  2. Easily learn to shoot weak handed layups correctly.
  3. Make one-handed passes vs. pressure defense for less turnovers.
  4. Bonus Shooting Video - Online Access only.

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