Functional Basketball Strength Gains With Band Workouts


Functional Basketball Strength Gains With Band Workouts

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Attention Basketball Players!

Are you looking to enhance your game with explosive power, unbeatable defense, and sky-high jumps? Look no further! The "Functional Basketball Strength Gains With Band Workouts" is here to transform your performance on the court. Designed specifically for athletes who are eager to train at home, this guide needs nothing more than a simple $15 package of bands to get started.

Why Choose This Program?

Developed with the expertise of Chris Corbett and the scientific approach of Rusty Gregory, this program is a game-changer. It's not just about working out; it's about smart, functional training that targets the muscles and movements you rely on most in basketball. Whether you're playing offense or defense, this program builds the strength and agility you need to dominate the game.

  • Powerful First-Step Explosion: Gain the edge over your opponents with unmatched speed and power.
  • Defensive Stance & Lateral Excellence: Improve your defensive game with increased stability and agility.
  • Vertical Jump: Reach new heights with exercises designed to increase your leap.
  • Injury Prehab: Stay in the game longer with routines that reduce the risk of common basketball injuries.
  • Cost-Effective: All you need is a $15 package of bands. No expensive equipment or gym memberships required.
  • Designed for Solo Workouts: Perfect for the dedicated athlete. Train anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

What's Included?

This comprehensive 6-week program covers everything from the basics of band workouts to advanced exercises that challenge even the most seasoned players. Highlights include:

  • Band Side-Steps in Defensive Ready Position
  • Rip-Through – Jab-Step, Cross-Step, Step-Back
  • Sprint Workout with Resistance Band
  • Forward / Reverse Lunge
  • Plank Jacks and Push-Ups with Resistance Bands
  • 2-Leg Bent-Over Row / 1-Leg Bent-Over Row
  • Zig-Zag and 1-on-1 Basketball Drills with Added Resistance
  • Diamond Tricep Pushups With Band


Do I need any special equipment?

No, all you need is a $15 package of bands to get started.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Yes, it's designed for athletes at all levels, from beginners to advanced players looking to enhance their functional strength.

How soon can I see results?

While individual results vary, most athletes begin to notice improvements in their performance within the first two weeks of following the program consistently.

Don't let another game pass you by. Take the first step towards becoming the basketball player you've always wanted to be. With "Functional Basketball Strength Gains With Band Workouts," the power to transform your game is in your hands. Get started today!

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