From Weapons to Tools: A Modern Approach to Student-Athlete Surveys with Matt Davidson P.h.D., and Jessica Allister


From Weapons to Tools: A Modern Approach to Student-Athlete Surveys with Matt Davidson P.h.D., and Jessica Allister

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Unlock the Power of Positive Feedback

In the competitive realm of athletics, the relationship between coaches and student-athletes is pivotal. However, feedback and evaluations can often become contentious, leading to tension rather than growth. "From Weapons to Tools: A Modern Approach to Student-Athlete Surveys" with Matt Davidson P.h.D., and Jessica Allister, offers a revolutionary way to turn this dynamic on its head, transforming potential conflicts into opportunities for development.

Why This Resource is a Game-Changer

Dr. Matthew Davidson, founder and president of the Excellence with Integrity Institute, along with Jessica Allister, brings over two decades of expertise in leadership, character development, and organizational culture to this transformative program. Designed for coaches at all levels, this approach to student-athlete feedback is poised to revolutionize your coaching strategy and team performance.

  • Positive Feedback Mechanism: Learn to use evaluations as a tool for growth, rather than a weapon of criticism.
  • Expert Insights: Benefit from the extensive experience of Dr. Davidson in character and culture assessment within athletic settings.
  • Comprehensive Approach: A holistic view towards coaching that emphasizes leadership, character development, and optimal performance.
  • Exclusive Access for NFCA Members: If you are an NFCA member, access this invaluable resource for free through your "Coach's Box" in the Digital Education Library.
  • Practical Tools: Equipped with PowerPoint presentations and detailed modules, this program is both accessible and actionable.

How You Can Access This Transformative Resource

Available exclusively through the NFCA, "From Weapons to Tools" is offered to members as part of the comprehensive "Coach's Box" resources. Not an NFCA member? Visit to learn more about membership benefits and how to gain access to this and other invaluable coaching resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can benefit from this program?
    Coaches at any level, from youth sports to Division I, II, and III intercollegiate athletic settings, will find this approach transformative.
  • Is this resource available to non-NFCA members?
    While this specific resource is a benefit for NFCA members, we encourage non-members to explore membership options for access to this and other educational materials.
  • How does this approach differ from traditional feedback methods?
    Instead of focusing solely on performance metrics, this approach prioritizes character development, leadership, and a positive feedback loop to foster growth and improvement.

Don't let student-athlete surveys be a source of contention. Transform them into a powerful tool for growth and development with "From Weapons to Tools: A Modern Approach to Student-Athlete Surveys". Embrace this innovative approach to coaching and see the difference it makes in your team's performance and morale.

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