Flip-a-Score Tabletop Scorer


Flip-a-Score Tabletop Scorer

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Tired of Fumbling with Pen and Paper? Keep Score Like a Pro with Flip-a-Score!

Juggling scorekeeping duties alongside the thrill of the game can be a challenge. Introducing the Flip-a-Score Tabletop Scorer, your one-stop solution for keeping track of the action in any sport!

Simple and Easy to Use

Forget messy score sheets and unreliable apps. Flip-a-Score is designed for effortless scorekeeping. Large, easy-to-read 5-inch numbers on bright red and blue backgrounds ensure everyone can follow the score, from players and coaches to spectators.

Built for Versatility

Gone are the days of dedicated scoreboards for each sport. Flip-a-Score adapts to any game, whether you're keeping track of points in basketball, sets in tennis, or innings in baseball. Its compact size and versatile design make it a perfect fit for any scorer's table.

Features You'll Love:

  • Universal use: Keep score for any sport!
  • High visibility: Large, 5-inch numbers ensure clear visibility from any angle.
  • Bold colors: Red and blue backgrounds enhance readability.
  • Scores up to 99: Perfect for most games.
  • Portable design: Sits or lays flat for convenient use.


  • What sports can I use Flip-a-Score for?

Flip-a-Score is perfect for keeping score in basketball, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, hockey, and more!

  • How many points can I score with Flip-a-Score?

Flip-a-Score keeps track of scores up to 99 points.

  • Does Flip-a-Score have numbers on the back?

No, Flip-a-Score features numbers on one side for clear visibility during the game.

Upgrade your game day experience with Flip-a-Score! Order yours today!

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