Fitness Circuit Station cards - Volume 2: 36 more PE activities for school


Fitness Circuit Station cards - Volume 2: 36 more PE activities for school

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Ignite a Passion for Fitness in Your Students

Discover the ultimate tool to energize and engage your elementary & middle school students in physical education! Fitness Circuit Station Cards - Volume 2 brings you 36 more unique PE activities designed to cater to a wide age and grade range. Developed by Prime Coaching Sport, these cards are your key to unlocking the full potential of your students' physical fitness, focusing on core strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, leg and arm strength, and whole body exercises.

Why Choose Our Fitness Circuit Cards?

  • 36 Unique Exercises: From 'Ball Crunches' to 'Step Ups', each activity is crafted to improve specific aspects of physical fitness.
  • Video Demonstration Support: Access to online videos that demonstrate each exercise, ensuring correct form and execution.
  • Easy to Implement: The pack includes printable station cards that you can simply print, laminate, and use, requiring minimal equipment.
  • Trackable Progress: With fitness testing sheets, students can record their results, fostering a sense of achievement as they witness their own progress.
  • Bonus Educational Content: Receive 6 high-quality posters, one for each fitness component, perfect for classroom or gym display.

What's Inside the Pack?

Each pack is brimming with content designed to make your PE lessons a hit. Besides the 36 circuit station cards, you'll get individual printable cards, fitness testing sheets to track student progress, and bonus posters to visually reinforce the six key fundamentals of fitness. Minimal setup is required, and the activities are supported by free video demonstrations to ensure each exercise is performed correctly.


Who can use these cards?
They're perfect for teachers at elementary, middle, or even high school looking to inject fun and fitness into their PE classes.

Do I need special equipment?
No, the exercises are designed to require minimal equipment. Most activities can be done with items like balls, cones, hoops, and benches.

How can I access the video demonstrations?
Links to the video demonstrations are provided with your purchase, accessible online for ease of use.

Prime Coaching is dedicated to providing you with top-notch resources that are easy to teach and implement in your school. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your PE classes – get your Fitness Circuit Station Cards - Volume 2 today and watch your students thrive!

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