FiHitting Part 2: Generating Bat Speed & Developing Excellent Extension


FiHitting Part 2: Generating Bat Speed & Developing Excellent Extension

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Attention All Baseball and Softball Players!

Are you struggling to increase your bat speed? Do you find it difficult to maintain consistency at the plate? Say goodbye to your hitting woes with FiHitting Part 2: Generating Bat Speed & Developing Excellent Extension. Developed by Charity, a former Division 1 softball player and an internationally respected coach, this comprehensive training program is designed to transform your hitting game.

Why Choose FiHitting Part 2?

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Charity, who has achieved remarkable success both as a player and a coach.
  • Innovative Techniques: Discover unique drills and mental strategies to enhance your bat speed and extension.
  • Real-World Applications: Benefit from Charity’s practical experiments at a jobsite and a Karate studio, making it easier to understand and apply the concepts.
  • Common Mistakes & Adjustments: Avoid common pitfalls and learn how to make adjustments on the fly, increasing your hitting consistency.

What Will You Achieve?

By the end of this program, you’ll have mastered the art of being "short to it" and "long through it". You’ll feel a significant improvement in your bat speed and learn how to maximize your extension for better performance at the plate. Whether you’re aiming to become a formidable hitter in your league or looking to take your skills to the next level, FiHitting Part 2 has got you covered.


Who is this program for?
Baseball and softball players of all levels who want to improve their hitting skills and overall performance.

How do I access the program?
Once purchased, you will receive immediate access to all the videos and materials included in FiHitting Part 2.

Is previous experience required?
No. While having a basic understanding of baseball or softball can be beneficial, FiHitting Part 2 is designed to help hitters at various skill levels, including beginners.

Can I see improvements even if I don't have access to a baseball field?
Yes! FiHitting Part 2 is designed to be versatile. Many drills and techniques can be practiced in limited space or alternative locations.

Embark on your journey to becoming a powerhouse at the plate. Invest in FiHitting Part 2: Generating Bat Speed & Developing Excellent Extension today and feel the difference in your swing tomorrow!

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