Fabulous 15: Competitive Practice Drills for All Ages


Fabulous 15: Competitive Practice Drills for All Ages

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Unlock the Secrets to Success with Coach Steve Collins

Are you ready to elevate your basketball program to new heights? Coach Steve Collins shares his proven formula for success in "Fabulous 15: Competitive Practice Drills for All Ages." With a storied career that includes three state titles and 12 consecutive conference championships, Coach Collins divulges his favorite drills that have consistently turned teams into title contenders.

Why Choose "Fabulous 15"?

This comprehensive course is not just a collection of drills; it's a blueprint for success. Here's why "Fabulous 15" stands out:

  • Team and Individual Skill Development: Elevate every player's game with targeted drills.
  • Transition Drills: Master the art of fast breaks and defensive transitions to gain an edge over your opponents.
  • Defensive Drills: Build a defense that's tough to crack with Coach Collins' specialized drills.
  • Exclusive Access: Get insights into drills like the Lakers Drill, One on One (Marquette), Pigs in the Paint, and many more.
  • Proven Success: Benefit from the strategies that have led to 16 consecutive winning seasons, 38 collegiate athletes, and 6 professional basketball players.

Make Every Practice Count

With "Fabulous 15," every practice becomes an opportunity to push your team closer to victory. These drills are designed to challenge your players, foster teamwork, and improve every aspect of their game. Whether you're coaching beginners or seasoned athletes, "Fabulous 15" will become your go-to resource for taking your team to the top.


Who is Coach Steve Collins?
Coach Steve Collins is a highly acclaimed coach with three state championships, 12 consecutive conference championships, and numerous state tournament appearances under his belt.

Is "Fabulous 15" suitable for all ages?
Yes, these drills are designed for players of all skill levels and ages. Whether you're coaching young beginners or experienced athletes, "Fabulous 15" offers valuable insights for everyone.

How will "Fabulous 15" improve my team?
By incorporating these drills into your practice routine, you'll see improvements in individual skills, teamwork, defensive and offensive strategies, and overall game performance.

Can I access the drills immediately after purchase?
Yes, once you purchase "Fabulous 15," you will have instant access to all the drills and can start transforming your practices right away.

Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the best coaches in the game. Elevate your team's performance with "Fabulous 15: Competitive Practice Drills for All Ages" today!

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