Engage New & Returning Players to Grow the Game


Engage New & Returning Players to Grow the Game

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Discover the Key Benefits:

  • Increased Participation: Leverage the 22% increase in tennis participation from 2019 to 2020 to grow your program.
  • Comprehensive Tools & Resources: Access program curriculum, school partnerships, racquet manufacturers' hang tag activation, and more.
  • Financial Support: Learn how to apply for USTA's Grow the Game grants to financially back your initiatives.
  • Expert Guidance: Gain insights from Craig Morris, a seasoned expert with a proven track record in increasing tennis participation globally.
  • Community Impact: Engage and retain new and returning players to make a lasting impact on your local tennis community.

Why Choose Our Engagement Strategies?

The surge in tennis participation presents a unique opportunity for program directors and coaches to capitalize on this increased interest. Our tools, developed from comprehensive industry studies and the successful implementation of strategies by tennis authorities like Craig Morris, offer a solid foundation to attract and retain players. By joining our program, you stand to benefit from proven methodologies that have already contributed to significant growth in tennis participation, globally and domestically.

Maximize Your Program's Potential

Whether you're aiming to introduce more people to the sport, looking to retain interest among current players, or seeking to expand your tennis program, our suite of resources and grants provides a comprehensive approach to achieve your goals. From grassroots initiatives to more advanced program development, our engagement strategies are designed to cater to all levels of tennis programming. Embrace this opportunity to make a significant impact on the sport's growth in your community.


How can I apply for the USTA's Grow the Game grants?

Information on applying for grants is available through our online platform. Participants in our engagement program will receive detailed guidance on the application process.

What types of programs can benefit from these resources?

Our resources are designed to support a wide range of tennis programs, from youth and school programs to adult leagues and competitive training sessions.

Can these strategies help with player retention?

Yes, our strategies are specifically tailored to not only attract new players but also to keep them engaged and active in the sport long-term.

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