Efficiency Leads to Success with Kate Harris


Efficiency Leads to Success with Kate Harris

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Discover the Secrets to a Winning Softball Program

Are you ready to elevate your softball team's performance and operational efficiency? Join Kate Harris, the revered Director of Softball Operations at the University of Alabama, along with an expert panel, for an insightful 52-minute presentation, "Efficiency Leads to Success." Filmed at the NFCA's 2017 National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, this resource is now accessible for all NFCA members directly through your members-only "Coach's Box." Dive deep into the operational and strategic mastery that has underpinned the storied success of Alabama's softball program.

Why This Video is a Must-Watch:

  • Exclusive Insights: Learn directly from Kate Harris, who has played a pivotal role in shaping Alabama Softball's operational excellence, leading to consistent success on and off the field.
  • Expert Panel Contributions: Gain diverse perspectives from seasoned professionals in softball operations, coaching, and athletic leadership.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From team travel coordination to financial budgeting and compliance, get a holistic view of what makes a successful athletic program tick.
  • Practical Strategies: Implement actionable strategies and best practices tailored for optimizing team operations and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Free Access for NFCA Members: This invaluable resource is available at no additional cost within the "Digital Education Library" for all NFCA members.


How can I access the video?

Log in to your NFCA member account and navigate to the "Coach's Box" under the Education tab to find the Digital Education Library.

Is this video suitable for coaches at all levels?

Absolutely! Whether you're leading a high school team, a collegiate program, or a club, the strategies shared are adaptable and beneficial across all levels of softball.

Can non-NFCA members access the video?

Currently, "Efficiency Leads to Success" is exclusive to NFCA members. We encourage non-members to consider joining the NFCA to gain access to this resource and many other member benefits.

What if I have more questions after watching the video?

The NFCA hosts a range of follow-up opportunities, including webinars and forums, where you can pose questions and engage in discussions with experts like Kate Harris.

Transform your softball program's operations and set the stage for unparalleled success. "Efficiency Leads to Success with Kate Harris" is your key to unlocking potential, fostering a culture of excellence, and achieving your goals on and off the field. Log in to your NFCA account and watch now!

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