Dr. Jim Loehr - The great champions have a mentality of overcoming


Dr. Jim Loehr - The great champions have a mentality of overcoming

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Exclusive Insights from a Renowned Expert

  • World-Class Experience: Dr. Jim Loehr, a distinguished figure in sports science, brings decades of expertise in mental high performance development.
  • Proven Track Record: Having worked with tennis legends such as Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, and Monica Seles, Dr. Loehr’s strategies are battle-tested at the highest levels.
  • Authoritative Voice: As the author of 17 books and a New York Times bestseller, Dr. Loehr is a trusted resource in both personal and professional growth.

Transformative Benefits for You

  • Champion's Mentality: Learn the key mental frameworks that differentiate the greats from the rest, directly applicable to both your career and personal life.
  • Continuous Improvement: Dr. Loehr emphasizes the importance of relentless self-improvement and overcoming conformism, guiding you towards excellence.
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere: With the full episode available for free on the Tennis ONE app, gain unparalleled access to Dr. Loehr’s insights on the go.

Why Choose This Episode?

  • Exclusive Content: This episode of "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices" features unique stories and strategies not found elsewhere.
  • Hosted by Fernando Segal: Gain insights from the global tennis leader and draw from his extensive experience in the international tennis community.
  • Internationally Recognized Support: Backed by the GPTCA and the Segal Institute, this episode brings you content supported by leaders in sports science and tennis.


  • How can I watch the episode? Download the Tennis ONE app to watch the full episode for free.
  • Is this suitable for non-tennis players? Absolutely! Dr. Loehr’s lessons on mental strength and overcoming challenges are applicable across all areas of life.
  • Can I apply these strategies in my professional life? Yes, Dr. Loehr’s concepts are designed to foster high performance and growth both personally and professionally.

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