Dr. Jim Loehr - It is important to recognize teamwork


Dr. Jim Loehr - It is important to recognize teamwork

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Discover the Secrets to Effective Team Communication

  • Expert Insights: Dr. Jim Loehr, a renowned psychologist and high-performance coach, shares valuable strategies on building successful teams.
  • Enhance Team Dynamics: Learn how to foster better communication and stronger connections within your team.
  • Recognize Team Contributions: Understand the importance of acknowledging each team member's efforts and achievements.

Benefit from Decades of Experience

  • Proven Track Record: Dr. Loehr has worked with top athletes like Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, and Monica Seles, transforming their mental game.
  • Authoritative Voice: With 17 books published, including NYTimes Best Sellers, Dr. Loehr is a trusted source in sports science and psychology.
  • Comprehensive Development: His approach isn't just about sports—it's about fostering personal and professional growth for lasting success.

Access Exclusive Content

  • Free Episode: Watch Dr. Loehr's episode on "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices" without any cost on the Tennis ONE app.
  • Internationally Supported: This episode is brought to you with the support of the GPTCA, showcasing global tennis coaching insights.
  • Designed for Growth: Produced by the Segal Institute, this podcast is aimed at creating opportunities for growth and abundance in the sports field.


  • How can I watch Dr. Loehr's episode? Download the Tennis ONE app to access the full episode for free.
  • Who is Dr. Jim Loehr? Dr. Loehr is a psychologist and master in sports sciences, known for his work in high-performance development with top athletes.
  • What can I learn from this episode? Insights into effective team communication, recognition of team efforts, and strategies for personal and professional growth.

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