Dirk Hordorff - How the champions think and behave?


Dirk Hordorff - How the champions think and behave?

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Discover the mindset and behaviors that set ATP Top 10 players apart in an exclusive episode of "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices" hosted by Fernando Segal. This insightful discussion with Dirk Hordorff, a revered figure in the tennis world, sheds light on what it takes to reach the pinnacle of success in tennis. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your game.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive Insights from a Renowned Coach: Learn directly from Dirk Hordorff, who has coached and managed some of the world's top tennis players.
  • Decades of Professional Experience: Benefit from Hordorff's extensive experience working with players like Rainer Schuettler, Janko Tipsarevic, and many others, who have achieved top ATP rankings and significant titles.
  • Behind-the-Scenes of Tennis Excellence: Understand the mindset, preparation, and strategies of top players that have led them to excel on the global stage.
  • Free Access on the Tennis ONE App: Watch the full episode without any cost by downloading the Tennis ONE app, making elite tennis coaching accessible to all.
  • Produced by the Segal Institute: This episode is crafted with the international support of the GPTCA, ensuring high-quality content that's informative and engaging.

Why Dirk Hordorff's Insights Matter

Having a coach like Dirk Hordorff share his knowledge is a rare opportunity. His work with top athletes has not only led them to achieve great heights but also provides a blueprint for success that can be applied by upcoming players and coaches alike. Whether you are looking to improve your game, understand the high-level competitive mindset, or simply love tennis, this episode is a must-watch.


  • How can I watch the episode?
    Download the Tennis ONE app to watch the full episode for free.
  • Who is Dirk Hordorff?
    Dirk Hordorff is a renowned tennis coach and manager with a history of coaching ATP top-ranked players and serving in significant positions within the tennis community.
  • Why should I listen to this episode?
    This episode offers unique insights into the behaviors and thought processes of the world’s top tennis players, provided by someone who has coached them to success.
  • Is there a cost to access this content?
    No, you can access this episode for free through the Tennis ONE app.

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