Developing Tough Post Players



Developing Tough Post Players



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Discover the Winning Edge Your Team Needs

Are you looking to transform your basketball team's post players into unstoppable forces on the court? Look no further! Marquette Coach Buzz Williams reveals the key moves and intensity required to dominate the game from the post and short corner positions. In his dynamic on-court clinic DVD, "Developing Tough Post Players," Williams shares his high energy, high demand coaching style that focuses not just on the moves, but on the effort and detail with which they are executed.

Why Choose This DVD?

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Marquette Coach Buzz Williams, known for his high energy and demanding coaching style.
  • Comprehensive Training: Master five back-to-basket moves and five sweep moves to dominate the short corner.
  • Focus on Intensity: It's not just the moves, but the intensity with which you perform them that counts.
  • Versatile Drills: Enhance footwork and hand coordination with drills using cones, tennis balls, medicine balls, and jump ropes applicable for both perimeter and post players.
  • Maximize Player Effort: Coach Williams's approach is designed to extract maximum effort and attention to detail from players.

Transform Your Players Today

With a running time of 62 minutes, this DVD is packed with invaluable insights and drills that will elevate the game of your post players. Whether you're coaching a high school team, a college squad, or a recreational league, "Developing Tough Post Players" is your go-to resource for building a formidable frontcourt presence. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Order your copy today and start the journey to dominating the paint!


Who is this DVD for?
Coaches and trainers at all levels looking to improve the skills and toughness of their post players will benefit from this DVD.

Can perimeter players benefit from this DVD?
Yes, while the focus is on post players, the drills and principles covered can greatly benefit perimeter players as well, especially in terms of footwork and hand coordination.

How long is the DVD?
The DVD runs for approximately 62 minutes, providing a comprehensive training session that’s both engaging and highly informative.

Is this DVD suitable for beginners?
While the DVD is designed with a high level of intensity, coaches can adapt the drills and principles to suit players at any skill level, making it a versatile training tool.