Developing the Setter: A Thorough Program


Developing the Setter: A Thorough Program

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Training: A step-by-step program covers all aspects of setting, from basic movements to offensive strategies.
  • Expert Coaching: Learn from Brian Gimmillaro, an AVCA Hall of Fame inductee with three NCAA Championships under his belt.
  • Proven Success: Gimmillaro's guidance has helped produce top talent, including Misty May-Treanor, a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist.
  • Extensive Curriculum: Includes detailed sessions on Front-Set, Back-Set, Jump-Set, and more, totaling over 2 hours of focused training.
  • Accessible Anytime: Available on-demand, you can progress at your own pace and revisit lessons as needed.
  • Legacy of Excellence: Benefit from the methods that have contributed to Long Beach State's reputation as a powerhouse in both indoor and beach volleyball.

Why Choose "Developing the Setter"?

Whether you're an aspiring volleyball player or a coach looking to enhance your team's capabilities, "Developing the Setter: A Thorough Program" offers unparalleled expertise and insight into the art of setting. With direct access to the strategies and techniques that have propelled athletes to the very top of the sport, you'll be equipped to make significant advancements in your game. Embrace the opportunity to learn from one of the best and begin your journey to volleyball excellence today.


  • Who is this program suitable for?
    This program is crafted for both players and coaches at various levels who are looking to improve their setting skills or teach others the intricacies of effective setting in volleyball.
  • How do I access the program?
    After purchase, you will receive a link to stream the videos at your convenience, allowing you to learn from anywhere at any time.
  • What if I have questions or need further guidance?
    The program includes resources for additional support and direction, ensuring you can apply what you learn effectively.

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