Defense: Fielding to Throw with Bonnie Tholl


Defense: Fielding to Throw with Bonnie Tholl

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Transform Your Team's Defense

Immerse yourself in the defensive strategies and insights from Bonnie Tholl, the celebrated associate head coach of the Michigan softball team. With "Defense: Fielding to Throw with Bonnie Tholl," you gain access to a comprehensive training session designed to elevate your team's defensive game to the next level. Whether you're aiming to refine your skills or develop a solid defense from the ground up, this session is your gateway to success on the field.

Why Choose This Session?

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Bonnie Tholl, who brings over 26 seasons of coaching experience at one of the most prestigious programs in the country.
  • Proven Techniques: Explore drills, tips, and insights that have contributed to 12 Women's College World Series appearances.
  • Recruiting Insights: Benefit from Tholl's recruiting strategies that have brought 32 All-America honorees to the Michigan softball program.
  • Exclusive Access for NFCA Members: NFCA members can enjoy this invaluable session for free through the "Coach's Box" in the Digital Education Library.

Make Every Play Count

Defense is the cornerstone of any successful softball team. With "Defense: Fielding to Throw with Bonnie Tholl," you'll unlock the secrets to a more dynamic and effective defensive strategy. This session is not just about drills; it's about transforming the way your team approaches defense, ensuring that every player is a critical part of your defensive powerhouse.


  • How can I access this session?
    If you're an NFCA member, log in to your account and navigate to the Education tab under the Digital Education Library. If you're not a member, visit for more information on how to join and gain access to this and other valuable resources.
  • Who is this session suitable for?
    Coaches at any level looking to enhance their team's defensive capabilities will find this session invaluable. Whether you're coaching a youth team or a competitive college team, Bonnie Tholl's insights can help you elevate your defense.
  • What will I learn from this session?
    This session covers everything from fundamental fielding techniques to advanced defensive strategies, including how to effectively recruit and develop top defensive talent.

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