Creating Game-Ready Pitchers


Creating Game-Ready Pitchers

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Discover the Secret to Unleashing Your Pitchers' Full Potential

Introducing "Creating Game-Ready Pitchers" - your comprehensive guide to revolutionizing your pitchers' training regime. Developed by Lauren Ebstein (Tufts) in 2022, this in-depth tutorial is packed with innovative strategies designed to overhaul your practices, bullpens, and warm-ups. Elevate your pitchers' performance and foster a competitive edge that sets them apart on the field.

Why Choose "Creating Game-Ready Pitchers"?

  • Expert Insights: Gain invaluable knowledge from renowned pitching coach Lauren Ebstein, bringing years of successful coaching experience to your team.
  • Comprehensive Training: Dive into 36 minutes and 23 seconds of detailed strategies covering every aspect of pitching, from practice drills to game-day preparations.
  • Increased Competition: Learn how to instill a competitive spirit in your pitchers, pushing them to excel beyond their limits.
  • Game-Ready Techniques: Equip your pitchers with the skills and mindset they need to dominate on the mound, game after game.


Who is this program for?
Whether you're coaching a youth league, a high school team, or at the collegiate level, "Creating Game-Ready Pitchers" is designed for coaches dedicated to elevating their pitchers' performance.

How long is the program?
The program spans 36 minutes and 23 seconds, packed with concentrated, actionable content to implement immediately.

Will this work for my team?
Yes! The strategies and techniques provided are versatile and can be adapted to fit pitchers at various levels of play. Your commitment to applying these principles will directly impact their effectiveness.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your pitchers into the game-ready athletes they aspire to be. Unlock their true potential and watch as they lead your team to victory, one pitch at a time.

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