Complete Youth Basketball Offense

$24.99 $39.99 -38% OFF

Complete Youth Basketball Offense

$24.99 $39.99 -38% OFF
    • Youth Basketball Offense for Beginners to Jr. High
    • Simple Youth Basketball Offense vs. Zone & Man to Man Defense
    • Offenses emphasizes fundamental basketball skills
    • Multiple camera angles, on screen graphics, & exciting presentation
    • Easy to follow instruction for youth basketball coaches
    • Youth Basketball Fastbreak that transitions into your offense

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Looking for a youth basketball offense that you can actually run and run it against any defense?  Then Complete Youth Basketball Offense is for you.  Veteran youth basketball coach Randy Erickson will teach you simple yet effective offenses including a fastbreak into the offenses.

Whether or not you have coached youth basketball before, Complete Youth Offense provides simplified offenses that both the coach and player can pick up quickly. The offenses promote team play and fundamental skills of basketball. Your players won't just be learning to go to "spots" but will actually learn to play and think the game. The offenses are broken down into Breakdown Drills that will teach your team the offenses from the ground up. So even if you don't always have enough players to go 5 on 5, you can still work on the offense.  Complete Youth Offense will keep things simple yet allow enough complexity that you can add features as your team develops. This DVD is perfect for beginngers up to junior high.

Youth Basketball Offense Vs. Zone

The DVD includes simple zone offense that will keep your players moving and the defense guessing.  Zone offense shouldn't be overly complicated and Randy Erickson will keep it simple yet effective.  

Youth Basketball Offense Vs. Man to Man Defense

Youth offense should be a continuity offense that keeps running and doesn't break down.  This DVD gives you simple man to man youth basketball offenses that won't teach your players to be robots but instead teach them to read and react to the defense.  The worst mistake you can make as a youth basketball coach is to teach your players a bunch of plays that they have to remember.  Don't be that Coach!

Youth Basketball Fastbreak Offense

Also included is a youth basketball fastbreak offense that will allow you to transition from defense to offense and get easy scores.  The reality in youth basketball is that transition offense is more important that set offense because the game is so chaotic and scoring in transition is easier than running a set offense. Use the fastbreak offense from Randy Erickson to look for that initial quick score down the court and if that doesn't work you'll be right into your set offense.