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College Basketball Body

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Transform Your Game in the Off-Season

The off-season is not downtime—it's the prime time to outwork the competition and supercharge your athletic performance. If you're serious about basketball, it's crucial to ditch the generic football off-season templates and embrace a training regimen designed specifically for the needs of a basketball player. With College Basketball Body, you're not just training; you're transforming your game with the same strategies used by Division I and professional athletes.

Why College Basketball Body?

  • Specialized for Basketball: Every exercise, every drill, tailored for what basketball athletes need—not what works for football players.
  • From a Renowned Coach: Crafted by Coach B, a respected name with over 20 years of experience in athlete performance enhancement.
  • Comprehensive Training Coverage: Includes warm-ups, core training, mobility, plyometrics, speed, conditioning, and strength training.
  • Injury Prevention: Mobility progressions and functional strength exercises aimed at reducing injury risks.
  • Proven Results: A track record of success in improving athlete performance on the basketball court, leading to team championships and professional careers.

What You Will Learn

  • Effective core training techniques to build foundational strength.
  • Advanced plyometrics for explosive power and speed.
  • How to sequence training for maximum effectiveness—conditioning, strength, and speed.
  • Strategic exercise selection beyond traditional squats to develop lower body strength most beneficial for basketball.
  • Expanding your exercise repertoire for balanced, functional strength and power.

Meet Coach B

Brijesh Patel, Associate Athletic Director/Director of Athletic Performance at Quinnipiac University, is the mastermind behind College Basketball Body. With a passion for athlete development and a storied career in strength and conditioning, Coach B has dedicated over two decades to crafting champions on and off the court. His comprehensive approach has not only led athletes to excel in their sports but has also nurtured their growth into successful professionals.


Is this program suitable for beginners?

Yes, the program is designed to accommodate athletes at different stages of their basketball journey, including beginners.

How do I access the video series?

Upon purchase, you'll receive a link to stream the videos anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Can I use this program during the season?

While College Basketball Body is optimized for off-season training, many of the techniques can be adapted for in-season maintenance.

Don't let another off-season pass you by. It's time to take your game to the next level with College Basketball Body. Transform your performance, dominate the court, and achieve your basketball dreams.

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