Coaching Your Way to Flow : Tamer El Sawy


Coaching Your Way to Flow : Tamer El Sawy

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Transform Your Coaching and Your Players' Performance

  • Master Right and Left Brain Harmony: Learn why balancing the cognitive functions of both hemispheres is essential for entering Flow.
  • Create New Performance Triggers: Discover innovative methods to induce positive changes and help players access Flow effortlessly.
  • Enhance Mental Flexibility: Gain insights into making your players more adaptable, overcoming fear, and embracing change.
  • Leverage NLP Techniques: Utilize Neuro-Linguistic Programming to foster rapid psychological improvements in your players.
  • Access Elite Coaching Wisdom: Benefit from Tamer El Sawy's extensive experience as a main speaker at the World Tennis Conference and a former ATP tour player and coach.
  • Contribute to Global Tennis Development: Support Tennis AID's mission to promote tennis worldwide with your purchase.

Why Choose "Coaching Your Way to Flow"?

This program is not just about enhancing tennis performance; it's a comprehensive approach to transforming the way players think, react, and compete. Whether you're coaching beginners or seasoned athletes, the skills and strategies you'll learn from Tamer El Sawy can be the key to unlocking their highest potential. With a focus on mental flexibility, brain function balance, and rapid psychological adaptation, you'll be equipped to guide your players into achieving and maintaining Flow—the ultimate performance state in tennis.

Join The Ranks of World-Class Coaches

By integrating the lessons from "Coaching Your Way to Flow" into your coaching practice, you're not just improving your players' game; you're elevating your coaching credentials. Align yourself with some of the most respected coaches in the world who have mastered the art of bringing out the best in their athletes.


  • Who is Tamer El Sawy?
    Tamer El Sawy is a former ATP tour player, esteemed coach to top ATP/WTA players, and a featured speaker at the World Tennis Conference.
  • What is "The Zone" or Flow?
    Flow, also known as "The Zone," is a mental state of complete immersion and optimal performance, where actions and decisions occur with effortless precision.
  • How can "Coaching Your Way to Flow" benefit me as a coach?
    It equips you with the knowledge and tools to foster mental flexibility, balance cognitive function, and induce Flow in your players, enhancing both their performance and enjoyment of the game.
  • Is this program suitable for all levels of tennis coaches?
    Yes, coaches of all levels can benefit from the insights and techniques shared by Tamer El Sawy, regardless of the skill level of the players they are coaching.

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