Circle Defense


Circle Defense


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Discover the Secrets to Basketball Success

Is your basketball team looking for a game-changing strategy? Developed by Virginia Union's legendary coach Dave Robbins, the Circle Defense has been a cornerstone of their transition into a Division II powerhouse. This aggressive, trapping zone defense, showcased in a detailed clinic setting, is the edge your team needs to dominate the court. Whether you're implementing a 2-3 or 3-2 set, the versatility and adaptability of the Circle Defense will revolutionize your team's defensive game.

Why Circle Defense is Your Next Game Plan

  • Proven Success: Crafted by Dave Robbins, the mind behind Virginia Union's rise, this strategy is battle-tested at a competitive level.
  • Flexible Implementation: Whether you choose the 2-3 or 3-2 set, the Circle Defense fits seamlessly into your team's existing playbook.
  • Aggressive Trapping: With options for scramble action or mad dog action, your team can apply pressure and force turnovers efficiently.
  • Adaptive Strategies: Learn to switch fluidly from zone to man-to-man defense within a single possession, keeping your opponents guessing.
  • On-Court Demonstration: Coach Robbins' clinic provides a 5-on-5 on-court situation, ensuring you grasp the mechanics and execution perfectly.


Can the Circle Defense be adapted for high school teams?
Absolutely! The principles and strategies of the Circle Defense can be effectively implemented at all levels, including high school basketball.

Is previous experience with zone defense required?
While having a background in zone defense can be beneficial, the clinic is designed to teach you everything from the ground up, making it accessible for teams with any level of experience.

How long will it take to implement the Circle Defense into our playbook?
The running time of the clinic is 60 minutes, providing a comprehensive yet efficient learning experience. Incorporation into your playbook will vary based on your team's practice schedule and dedication.

Ready to elevate your team's defensive game? Discover how the Circle Defense can transform your team's performance. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the game. Embrace the aggressive, adaptable, and unstoppable defense strategy that has made Virginia Union a powerhouse. Get access to the Circle Defense clinic now!