Building Beasts Strength & Speed Complete Package


Building Beasts Strength & Speed Complete Package

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Transform Your Performance

Imagine achieving unparalleled strength and speed that sets you apart on the field and in the gym. With the Building Beasts Strength & Speed Complete Package, your vision of becoming an elite athlete is within reach. Crafted by Lee Weber, CSCS, a seasoned strength and speed coach with 22 years of experience, this comprehensive course is your ticket to unlocking explosive athletic performance. Whether you're starting with a training age of zero or looking to elevate your game, this bundle has everything you need.

Why Choose Building Beasts?

  • Complete Bundle: Access to all 5 Building Beast Manuals, covering every aspect of your training needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Created by Lee Weber, CSCS, leveraging decades of high-level coaching experience.
  • Innovative Techniques: Incorporates the best from Feed The Cats, the Tier System, and Soviet Periodization for maximal results.
  • Customized for You: Tailored to athletes starting from scratch or looking to significantly improve their performance.
  • Comprehensive Support: From building your own training facility to in-season workouts for sprinters, this package covers it all.

What's Inside the Package?

The Building Beasts Strength & Speed Complete Package is meticulously designed to cater to every aspect of your athletic development. Here's what you get:

  • Manual 1: An 8-Week Strength Sprint Program that transforms your speed and strength through proven principles.
  • Manual 2: The Block Zero Program, a foundational course for beginners to build crucial athletic skills.
  • Manual 3: Complexes & Alternative Set Patterns, offering unique and effective workout variations.
  • Manual 4: Fabricating Your Own Freak Factory, guiding you through creating and upgrading your training facility.
  • Manual 5: The F.A.S.T. In-Season Program, specialized training for sprinters to excel during track season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this program for?
This package is designed for athletes at all levels, from those with a training age of zero to seasoned athletes looking to enhance their strength and speed.

How will this package help me?
By combining research-backed methodologies and decades of coaching experience, this package offers a comprehensive approach to improving your athletic performance significantly.

Can beginners use this program?
Absolutely. The Building Beasts Strength & Speed Complete Package starts from the basics, making it perfect for beginners while offering advanced strategies for seasoned athletes.

Take the first step towards becoming the athlete you've always dreamed of. With the Building Beasts Strength & Speed Complete Package, your journey to peak performance begins now. Don't wait to unlock your potential—embrace the strength and speed you deserve.

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