Brian Gottfried - how to handle pressure


Brian Gottfried - how to handle pressure

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Unlock the Secrets to Overcoming Nerves and Staying Focused

  • Insight from a Tennis Legend: Learn from Brian Gottfried, former ATP #3 in singles and #2 in doubles, as he reveals his techniques for handling pressure.
  • Exclusive Content: Access this episode for free through the Tennis ONE app, offering invaluable advice not found anywhere else.
  • Experience and Achievements: With a rich history of 25 ATP singles titles, 54 ATP Doubles titles, and being a Roland Garros finalist, Gottfried’s insights come from real-world achievements.
  • Guidance from a Master-Coach: As a celebrated coach and former ATP President, Gottfried’s advice extends beyond the court, preparing you for high-pressure situations in all areas of life.
  • Supported by Tennis Experts: Produced by the Segal Institute and backed by the GPTCA, this episode is a part of a series trusted by tennis professionals worldwide.

Why This Episode Is a Must-Watch for Aspiring Tennis Players

Whether you're battling nerves on the court or looking for strategies to stay focused under pressure, Brian Gottfried’s episode on "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices" is your go-to resource. His proven techniques, coupled with a legendary career, provide a rare glimpse into the mindset of a top athlete. This episode is not just about tennis; it's about cultivating resilience and mental strength that applies to any high-pressure situation.


  • How can I access the episode? Download the Tennis ONE app to watch the full episode for free.
  • Is this episode suitable for all levels of tennis players? Yes, players of all levels can benefit from Gottfried's insights into handling pressure and nerves.
  • Who is Brian Gottfried? A former professional tennis player who reached ATP #3 in singles and #2 in doubles, with numerous titles including being a Roland Garros finalist.
  • Who hosts "The Tennis Talk - Coaches Voices"? The podcast is hosted by Fernando Segal, an international tennis leader.

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