Brad Stevens-Boston Celtics


Brad Stevens-Boston Celtics

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Discover the Secret Weapon of a Mastermind

When the game is on the line, and every second counts, what's your move? If you're Brad Stevens, head coach of the Boston Celtics, you deploy an After Time Out (ATO) play that can turn the tide of the game. LeBron James—yes, the LeBron James—has hailed Stevens as a "genius" for his skill in these critical moments. Now, you have the chance to dive into the mind of this strategic mastermind with our exclusive playbook.

Why This Playbook Is A Game-Changer

  • Comprehensive Collection: Dive into no less than 95 meticulously designed ATO plays by Brad Stevens.
  • Winning Strategies: Each play has been battle-tested in high-stakes NBA games, ready to be adapted to your team's playbook.
  • Invaluable Insight: Gain unique perspectives on game-winning strategies that can elevate your coaching to the next level.
  • Instant Access: Get immediate entry to the playbook and start transforming your game strategy right away.
  • Expert Guidance: Compiled by Scott Peterman, a seasoned coach with experience across NCAA, NAIA, JUCO, and high school levels, ensuring a rich, insightful resource.

What's Inside?

Within the "Brad Stevens - Boston Celtics 'After Time Out' Plays" playbook, you'll find a treasure trove of strategies that can make or break a game. Whether it's a critical defensive stop or a game-winning basket, these plays are your key to clutch moments. And the best part? You're learning from a coach who's been recognized by his peers and basketball legends alike for his ingenious approach to the game.


  • Is this playbook suitable for coaches at all levels? Absolutely! Whether you're coaching a high school team, a college squad, or even at the professional level, there's invaluable insight to be gained.
  • How can I access the playbook? Simply click on the link below for instant download. You'll be implementing game-winning ATO plays in no time.
  • What makes this playbook stand out? The combination of Brad Stevens' innovative plays and Scott Peterman's comprehensive coaching experience makes this a unique resource that's hard to find anywhere else.

Ready to take your coaching game to the next level? Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the best minds in basketball. Get your copy of the "Brad Stevens - Boston Celtics 'After Time Out' Plays" today and see the difference in your team's performance tomorrow.

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