Big Shot 33" Training Basketball w- Training Video


Big Shot 33" Training Basketball w- Training Video

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The Basketball that Busts Shooting Slumps and Improves Arc...

Is your child struggling with confidence when shooting the basketball? Do you have players that are in a shooting slump? Or do you have a player who could be a really good shooter if they had more arc on their shot but instead shoot with the trajectory of a heat seeking missile?

If any of these things are happening that means you are missing shots that could be made shots and whether it is a mental problem or an arc problem the HoopsKing Big Shot can help correct a low arc or break a shooter out of a shooting slump.

The Big Shot is 33” in circumference and weighs just about the same as a regulation 29.5 basketball. This ball will feel massive when first picked up. It’s going to be harder to make shots with the Big Shot because it is bigger. This will help force a higher arc as a player who shoots with a low arc will quickly realize that a low arc just isn’t going to work with this ball.


How to Improve Shooting Arc in Basketball with the Big Shot

Now they might not even realize they shoot with a low arc and that they miss more shots because they do. Warm up with the Big Shot, get the feel of shooting with a higher arc – then pick up the regular ball and shoot it with the same arc.

Instant better arc!  Just keep using the Big Shot everyday to warm up with and it will turn a low arc into the perfect arc.

Now the next big thing the Big Shot will do for shooters is mostly mental.

How to Get Out of a Shooting Slump with the Big Shot

If you have a player who is in a shooting slump they are probably down in the dumps on themselves and might even passing up open shots in games they would normally take. Introduce the Big Shot to them at their next workout and I bet you’ll see a smile on their face and their attitude will pick up. Have them shoot in close to the basket for 10 minutes or so , so they get the feel of the Big Shot and start making shots.

Now here comes the huge mental impact of the Big Shot. Hand them back their regular ball. Their regular ball will feel so small in their hands that they will feel like they have complete control over it. The regular ball will seem so easy now.

Now continue to work on close shots for awhile so they can make more shots and continue to build their confidence back up. You can even play a game with them. Have them shoot 10 shots from a spot with the Big Shot and then 10 with their regular ball from the same spot. See which one they make more shots with. This will bring fun back into shooting for them and help them get out of that slump.

So if you want to make Big Shots or be a Big Shot, the Big Shot oversized training basketball can help any player that shoots with a low arc or bust a shooter out of a slump quickly.

big shot oversized large training basketball 33

And as a bonus I’m throwing in my Big Shot Training video (online access) that will give you even more reasons and drills to use the Big Shot Oversized Training Basketball. After placing your order check your email for this free bonus video. The Big Shot will become a vital training tool for you or your players.

Big Shot 33" Oversized Basketball for Training

The Big Shot 33 inch oversized basketball can be used to improve shot arc, dribbling, passing, & rebounding skills. Our Big Shot at 33" is the perfect size as it's bigger but not too big. Using an oversized basketball will make players use good arc on their shot or they won't make shots. Another benefit is the mental side - after using the Big Shot, a regular basketball seems very easy to control increasing confidence.

Oversized Basketball Better than a Rim Reducer

Using Big Shot basketball training equipment is like using a rim reducer, except you don't have to climb up on a ladder to install it which means players will actually use it to improve. The Big Shot is also great for rebounding practice as players really have to grab the ball with two hands to control it and it's harder to make a shot with the Big Shot so you'll get more misses to rebound instead of the ball going through the net.

The Big Shot Oversized Training Basketball is for More than Shooting

You can use the Big Shot for other skill areas such as passing, dribbling, & rebounding as well. Using the Big Shot will have a mental effect where once the player goes back to the regular ball it will seem small and they will feel powerful. This will increase their confidence in these skill areas.

When it comes to rebounding, the Big Shot will force players to really get two hands on the ball to control it. If a player can rip down the Big Shot the regular ball will be easy to rebound.

The Big Shot is also beneficial for dribbling and passing drills. After using the Big Shot, a regular ball feels easy to control and players will gain confidence in their dribbling and passing skills.

The Big Shot comes with an instructional DVD featuring various drills to do with the ball. Order the Big Shot Oversized Basketball today to Improve your game.

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