Beginners Guide to Fitness and Muscle Building


Beginners Guide to Fitness and Muscle Building

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Transform Your Body and Mind in Just 30 Days!

Starting your fitness journey can be overwhelming with the abundance of information out there, much of which is misleading. That's where Beginners Guide to Fitness and Muscle Building comes into play. Crafted meticulously for those who are new or have less than 6 months of gym experience, this comprehensive course is your roadmap to a fit and healthy body, free from the confusion and the risk of injury that incorrect practices bring.

Why Choose Our Fitness Course?

  • Over 50 Exercises with Detailed Video Explanations: Visual learning to ensure you perform each exercise correctly.
  • Complete Tutorial to Fitness: Understand the why's and how's of each workout, stretching routine, and balance training.
  • 30-Day Beginner Program: A structured plan that takes you from newbie to confidently working out in the gym.
  • Expert Guidance: Designed by Gamliel Sassoon, a certified personal trainer and health coach with international experience.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From essential concepts, workout plans, to a full exercise program spanning mobility, core, strength, and balance training.

Course Curriculum Highlights

Our program is divided into three key parts to give you a holistic understanding and practical experience in fitness:

  1. Essential Concepts: Dive into the basics of compound vs. isolated movements, stretching, fitness posture, and more.
  2. The Workout: Your weekly plan including warming up, mobility training, core training, strength training, balance training, and yoga stretches.
  3. Full Exercise Program: A weekly breakdown focused on movement, muscle, strength, combining all elements for a complete fitness transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course suitable for complete beginners?
Yes! This course is specifically designed for individuals with less than 6 months of gym experience or those who are completely new to fitness.

What do I need to start this course?
All you need is the willingness to learn and commit to the program. Access to a gym is recommended to follow along with the exercise routines effectively.

How long before I see results?
While individual results vary, following the 30-day program diligently can yield noticeable improvements in posture, balance, and overall fitness levels.

Embark on your fitness journey with confidence. Scroll up and enroll today to begin transforming your physical and mental wellbeing!

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