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Revolutionize Your Game

Imagine leading your team to victory, season after season. With the Basketball Playbook - Advanced Fundamentals, that vision can become a reality. Crafted by Tom Kelsey, a coach with an illustrious career spanning from the NBA to grassroots basketball, this playbook is your roadmap to success. Kelsey's experience and innovative coaching techniques are distilled into this comprehensive guide, designed to elevate the skills of coaches and players at all levels.

Why Choose Our Playbook?

  • Proven Success: Techniques that have propelled teams to national tournaments and record-breaking seasons.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development: From ball handling to shooting, master every aspect of the game.
  • Build Confidence: Boost your players' confidence with drills that mimic game-speed intensity.
  • For All Levels: Whether you're coaching a youth team or a professional squad, these strategies work for everyone.
  • Global Perspective: Insights from coaching and teaching basketball around the world, from China to Brazil.

Transform Your Approach to Coaching

The Basketball Playbook - Advanced Fundamentals isn't just about improving your players' physical skills; it's about changing the way you think about the game. Learn from someone who has not only played at a championship-winning level but also coached teams to historically successful seasons. Tom Kelsey's playbook takes you on a journey through developing game strategies that have been effective at the highest levels of basketball.


Is this playbook suitable for beginner coaches and players?

Yes! While the playbook provides advanced strategies, it's designed to be accessible for coaches and players of all levels, including beginners.

How can this playbook help improve my team's performance?

By focusing on fundamentals and incorporating drills that simulate game-speed scenarios, your team can improve their skill set, decision-making, and confidence on the court.

Can individual players use this playbook?

Absolutely. Individual players looking to enhance their skills and understanding of the game will find this playbook incredibly beneficial.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your team's performance. Order your copy of the Basketball Playbook - Advanced Fundamentals today and start on the path to basketball excellence.

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