HoopsKing Basketball Toughness Training Pad


HoopsKing Basketball Toughness Training Pad

    • Great for practicing layups and other finishing moves around the rim.
    • Force dribbles to protect the ball, get low, and be on balance.
    • Use in shooting drills as well to help develop better arc & shooting over taller players.
    • Great for rebounding drills to teach players to land on balance and be solid.
    • Use in any toughness drill to make them tougher! Great for Rip Thru drills.
    • Gives you all the contact of big bulky pads but smaller and lighter.

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The HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad is a light weight pad worn on the forearm that allows coaches, trainers, and players to easily add contact to drills.  Unlike big, blocky pads, this basketball training equipment is light enough to run up and down the court with.  Use the pad in the following ways and more:

  • Finishing Moves -  contact at the rim
  • Dribbling - body up and get into dribblers and bump them.
  • Shooting - easily remove the pad from your forearm and hold it up to make shooters work on shooting over longer and taller defenders.
  • Rebounding - use the pad in rebounding drills to force the rebounder to be strong with the ball and land on balance.
  • and More! - any drill you want to add contact to this is the pefect pad to use.  Gives you all the contact of big bulky pads but smaller and lighter.

What the Boss Says

Chris Hungerford HoopsKing.com

Chris Hungerford

HoopsKing.com CEO


I have used the Toughness Training pad for many years. As a coach you can quickly find out who can handle contact and who can't.  The majority of kids I've coached don't like contact.  I used the pad during layups and just tap the kids with the pad to get them used to being hit and putting their focus on making the layup instead of the contact.

The goal of using this pad is to get players used to contact so that it doesn't bother them in games. They will also learn to lower their center of gravity and become more explosive because when someone is pushing on you you can't stand up.  There was a funny instance when I was using the pad with a player who had not practice vs. contact before and the first time I bumped her with the pad she went down.  We both laughed but after that she didn't go down again.  She learned quickly to get lower and be on balance.

Here is how I have used the Toughness Training Pad over the years:

  • Stationary Dribbling - Pushing on kids to get them lower in their stance and lock in their core
  • Full Court Dribbling - Bodying up the ball handler to get them to protect the ball
  • Post Play - Bodying up an offensive post player to get them to really learn to get the ball down low
  • Shooting - holding up the pad to make kids shoot over a defender and create a higher arc

This pad is much better than the big blocky pads out there because you can move up and down court with this pad easily since you wear it on your forearm. You can keep one hand free.  There have been many times I've been wearing the pad and will call for the ball and demonstrate something  while still wearing the pad.  I don't have to put a pad down and then pick it back up.  I don't miss a beat when I wear the Toughness Training pad.