Athlete Construction Level I: Intro to Athlete Development


Athlete Construction Level I: Intro to Athlete Development

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Discover the Key to Superior Performance

Whether you're a striving player eager to elevate your game, or a dedicated coach aiming to cultivate top-tier talent, Athlete Construction Level I is the cornerstone for your athletic development journey. Crafted by the seasoned experts Carrol Bruggeman and Teena Murray, this course is your gateway to not just enhancing athletic performance but also significantly minimizing injury risks.

Why Choose Athlete Construction Level I?

  • Comprehensive Training Modules: From core stability and strength exercises to speed, quickness routines, and shoulder prehab – every aspect of athletic development is covered.
  • Softball-Specific Focus: Tailored to build the explosiveness and quickness crucial for softball success, making you a formidable player on the field.
  • Expertly Designed: The brainchild of Teena Murray and Carrol Bruggeman, whose combined expertise spans professional, Olympic, and collegiate sports.
  • Flexible Training Options: A variety of training choices to enhance core stability, lower body strength, power, quickness, and stamina.
  • Inclusive Learning Materials: Comes with printable workout sheets and performance nutrition handouts to guide your journey.

Meet Your Coaches

Teena Murray, the Director of Sports Performance at the University of Louisville, brings her extensive experience with professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes to this program. Carol Bruggeman, associate head coach at the University of Louisville, has guided her team to numerous victories, surpassing the 700-win milestone. Together, they are dedicated to unlocking your athletic potential.


Who is this course for?
This course is designed for players at all levels looking to improve their game and coaches who are serious about developing top-notch athletes.

What will I achieve upon completing this course?
You will gain the foundational movement qualities and softball-specific skills needed for superior performance and reduced injury risk. Plus, you'll have the knowledge and tools for ongoing improvement.

How do I access the course materials?
Upon enrolling, you will receive immediate access to all course materials, including videos, printable workout sheets, and nutrition handouts, which are all accessible online.

Is there support available during the course?
Yes, you will have access to a community forum where you can ask questions and share insights with your instructors and fellow athletes.

Take the First Step Towards Athletic Excellence

With Athlete Construction Level I, you're not just training; you're building a foundation for lasting athletic success. Enroll today and transform your potential into performance.

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