Around the World - Part 2 (32 sets)


Around the World - Part 2 (32 sets)

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Discover the Diversity of Basketball

With "Around the World - Part 2 (32 sets)," dive into an unparalleled collection of FIBA playsets that bring international strategies right to your fingertips. Crafted by Coach KJ Smith, currently in his 4th season with Basquete Unifacisa in Brazil's premier NBB league, this course is a treasure trove for anyone looking to inject creativity and variety into their game. From simple setups to dynamic maneuvers, these plays are designed to confound defenses and open up high-quality shot opportunities.

Why Choose Around the World - Part 2?

  • Global Insight: Features offensive sets from all over the globe, offering a taste of international basketball strategies.
  • Expertly Curated: Selected by Coach KJ Smith, a seasoned professional with a rich family history in coaching and a contributor to several prestigious basketball publications.
  • Language Mastery: Benefit from Coach Smith's proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese, ensuring no nuance is lost in translation.
  • Exclusive Content: With respect for competing teams, only the country of origin is disclosed, making this content unique and highly sought after.
  • Direct Access: Get detailed information on specific teams by contacting Coach Smith directly via Twitter.

Transform Your Playbook

Whether you're looking to refresh your team's offensive strategy or enhance your understanding of international basketball, "Around the World - Part 2" is your gateway to innovative and effective plays. Embrace the diversity of basketball and stay a step ahead of the competition.


How do I access the sets?
Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download the digital content, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Is this suitable for high school coaches?
Absolutely! These sets are designed to benefit coaches and players at all levels, from high school to professional leagues.

Can I get information on a specific play or team?
Yes, Coach Smith offers direct support via Twitter for detailed inquiries on specific teams or plays.

Are the plays easy to integrate into existing playbooks?
Yes, the plays range from simple to complex, allowing for easy integration and adaptation to match your team's needs.

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