Alan Stein Elite Athletic Performance System

$37.00 $119.97 -70% OFF

Alan Stein Elite Athletic Performance System

$37.00 $119.97 -70% OFF

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Save Over $50 with Alan Stein's 3 DVD Pack

You get 3 DVDs that will:-

  1. Increase your vertical leap 6"-12"
  2. Improve your defense and lateral movement
  3. Develop an explosive first step to beat defenders with




Alan Stein is the Real Deal




Alan at the Amare Skills Academy. Alan was chosen by Nike to bring his training techniques to the best players in the country.



Alan at the Kobe Skills Academy. It doesn't get any better than this. Now you know who is behind the M.V.P. program, who is behind those other programs? It's a safe bet they weren't at the Amare and Kobe skills academy. Choose a vertical jump program with a nationally respected author. Choose the M.V.P. Vertical Jump program.




Alan is good enough for Amare, Kobe, Nike, and McDonalds. He's good enough for you too! Use Alan's M.V.P. Vertical Jump program to unleash the Maximum Vertical Potential in you. M.V.P. is the most comprehensive program on the market with the best trainer behind it.