A Champion�s DNA (#A8)


A Champion�s DNA (#A8)

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Discover What Makes The Best, The Best

Are you looking to transform your team into a winning powerhouse? Have you wondered what separates the greats from the rest? "A Champion's DNA" offers an unprecedented insider's look into the building blocks of success in the competitive world of professional sports. Drawing from over 40 years of experience in basketball, both at the collegiate and professional levels, Kevin Eastman shares the habits, mindsets, strategies, and daily choices that define champions.

Why "A Champion’s DNA" Is A Game Changer

  • In-depth insights: Learn directly from a thought leader who has lived and breathed the high-stakes world of professional sports.
  • Practical strategies: Gain actionable advice that can be applied to not just sports teams but any organization looking to foster a culture of excellence.
  • Inspiring stories: Get motivated by the compelling anecdotes and experiences of those who have reached the pinnacle of success.
  • Universal principles: Discover the core principles that are the backbone of success across any competitive field.

Transform Your Team's Culture, Mindset, and Results

Whether you're a coach looking to inspire your team, a business leader aiming to cultivate a winning culture, or just someone fascinated by the psychology of success, "A Champion’s DNA" is your guide to achieving excellence. Kevin Eastman's engaging speaking style, combined with his wealth of knowledge, makes this an essential tool for anyone serious about unlocking their potential or that of their team.


  • Who can benefit from "A Champion’s DNA"?
    Anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, build a successful team, or understand the dynamics of high performance can benefit, including sports teams, business leaders, and educators.
  • How can I apply the principles of "A Champion’s DNA" to my organization?
    The book provides universal principles that are adaptable to any team or organizational structure, focusing on culture, leadership, teamwork, and daily habits.
  • Is "A Champion’s DNA" based on real-life experiences?
    Absolutely. Kevin Eastman draws from his extensive career in the world of professional sports to provide real-world insights and lessons.

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