3 Day Workout - 4 Weeks


3 Day Workout - 4 Weeks

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Unlock Your Potential

Are you ready to take your athletic abilities to the next level? With our "3 Day Workout - 4 Weeks" program, you can enhance agility, jumping, and strength using nothing but your body weight. Designed by experienced coaches from Backyard Basketball Academy, this program is your ticket to becoming a more agile, explosive, and overall better athlete, all from the comfort of your home, driveway, or backyard. No special equipment needed!

Why Choose Our Program?

  • Expert-Designed Workouts: Crafted by coaches with years of experience, including a college assistant coach with a history at Concordia College and Dana College, and an assistant high school coach.
  • Flexible Schedule: With workouts scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you have the freedom to repeat any workout, in any order, as many times as you wish throughout the week.
  • Focus on Key Areas: Tailored sessions targeting agility (1:38), jumping (1:29), and body weight exercises (1:38) to boost your performance where it matters most.
  • No Equipment Needed: Improve your game without the need for costly equipment or gym memberships, using exercises that can be performed anywhere.
  • Proven Results: Follow our 4-week plan and see measurable improvements in your agility, jumping height, and overall strength.


Do I need any previous experience?
No, our program is designed for athletes at all levels. Whether you're a beginner or more experienced, you'll find our exercises both challenging and rewarding.

How much time do I need to commit?
Each workout is designed to be short but intense, lasting approximately 1:38 minutes for agility and body weight exercises, and 1:29 minutes for jumping. We recommend doing each workout once a week for optimal results.

Can I repeat the program after 4 weeks?
Yes! The “3 Day Workout - 4 Weeks” program is designed to be repetitive. Feel free to start the program again for continued improvement or to set new personal records.

Take the First Step Today!

Don't let another day go by wishing you could improve your athletic performance. With our expert-designed program, flexible scheduling, and focus on the most important aspects of athleticism, you're just 4 weeks away from unlocking your full potential. Join the Backyard Basketball Academy's 3 Day Workout program now and see the difference for yourself!

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