2018 National Convention FULL Package


2018 National Convention FULL Package

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Discover a Goldmine of Coaching Wisdom

Are you ready to elevate your team's performance to unprecedented levels? The 2018 National Convention FULL Package offers exclusive access to the strategies, drills, and insights of some of the country's top softball coaches. With this comprehensive video collection, you'll gain the knowledge and tools necessary to develop standout pitchers, enhance your team's defensive and offensive capabilities, and ensure your players remain competitive year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Elite Pitching Insights: Learn from Beth Torina on creating complete pitchers who excel both mentally and physically.
  • Outfield Mastery: Apply Brandon Elliott's championship-winning strategies to bring your outfielders to the forefront of your practice plan.
  • Defensive Tactics: Boost your team's defensive performance with Bonnie Tholl’s revered coaching techniques.
  • Offensive Overhaul: Transform your team's run production with proven methods from the University of Kentucky coaching staff.
  • Dynamic Drills Database: Keep your bullpen energized with innovative pitching workouts from Danielle Henderson.
  • Revolutionize Hitting: Reap the benefits of Cindy Ball-Malone's 360° approach to decrease strikeouts and amp up run production.
  • Weather-Proof Practices: With Jen Walter's guide, never let adverse weather conditions slow down your team's progress again.

Why Choose the 2018 National Convention FULL Package?

This exclusive package is not just another set of coaching videos. It's a transformative toolkit designed to propel your team to the top. With tailored insights from renowned experts, your coaching approach will evolve, ensuring your team's resilience, skill enhancement, and unmatched performance on the field.


Who is this package for?

It's perfect for softball coaches at all levels who are serious about improving their team's performance and competing at the highest levels.

How will I access the content?

Upon purchase, you'll receive immediate digital access to all the videos in the 2018 National Convention FULL Package, allowing you to start transforming your coaching strategy right away.

Is this package suitable for coaching beginners?

Absolutely! Whether you're new to coaching or a seasoned veteran, the insights and strategies covered are invaluable for all coaching levels.

Can I use these strategies with my team regardless of their age?

Yes, the techniques and drills are designed to be adaptable for teams of various age groups, ensuring your team's growth and success at any level.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge with the 2018 National Convention FULL Package. Elevate your coaching, develop elite players, and lead your team to victory. Get your access now!

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