2018 Coaching School Volleyball Lectures


2018 Coaching School Volleyball Lectures

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Why Choose the THSCA Coaching School & Convention Lectures?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering a wide range of topics from practice planning to defensive strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to coaching education.
  • Expert Speakers: Learn from Abby Burt of Hudl, Michael Carter of San Antonio Reagan HS, and Phyllis Fowler of Texas Lutheran Univ., all leaders in their fields.
  • Convenience: Access over 140 minutes of high-quality, focused lectures on key aspects of volleyball coaching at your own pace and schedule.
  • Networking Opportunities: Join a community of over 12,000 coaches, athletic directors, and fans of athletics through this platform for learning and connection.
  • Open Registration: Available to all interested parties, not just THSCA members, making this invaluable knowledge accessible to a wider audience.

Benefits of Investing in Your Coaching Skills

  • Drive Your Team's Success: Utilize stats effectively to make informed decisions that propel your team forward.
  • Enhance Game Performance: Implement strategic practice planning to translate into noticeable improvements in game situations.
  • Strengthen Defense: Equip yourself with the latest defense tactics to build a robust team capable of overcoming any challenge.
  • Professional Development: Elevate your coaching career by learning from the best and applying cutting-edge strategies in your coaching practices.
  • Support Student-Athletes: Embody the THSCA mission of helping coaches to help kids by enhancing your ability to serve and guide your athletes effectively.


Who can register for the THSCA Coaching School & Convention Lectures?

Anyone interested in advancing their coaching education is welcome to register and pay the conference tuition fee, regardless of THSCA membership status.

What will I learn from the 2018 Volleyball Lectures?

You will gain insights into driving team success with stats, improving game performance through practice planning, and mastering defensive strategies, among other topics.

How do I access the lectures?

Upon registration and payment, you will receive access to the lectures to view at your convenience, ensuring you can learn and grow on your schedule.

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