14 Days of Strength & Stretching


14 Days of Strength & Stretching

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Why Choose "14 Days of Strength & Stretching"?

  • Flexible Schedule: Morning or night, alone or with friends, stream or download to any device. Your classes, your choice!
  • The Perfect Balance: Combine Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga for strength, balance, and flexibility, melting away stress and anxiety.
  • Reach Your Goals: Short, actionable, and effective classes of 20-30 minutes to fit into your busy schedule effortlessly.
  • Extremely Affordable: High-value program at a fraction of the cost, less expensive than a daily cup of coffee.
  • High Quality For All Levels: Enjoy fourteen diverse lessons designed for all levels, focusing on increasing strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

What's Included?

  • Curated Curriculum: Thoughtfully designed daily classes focusing on everything from Vinyasa basics, core strength, to gentle yoga.
  • 7 Core Workouts + Bonus Yoga eBook: Strengthen your core with quick effective workouts and enhance your practice with 100+ yoga poses.
  • Lifetime Access: Receive all future updates free, ensuring your practice remains fresh and engaging.

What Are People Saying?

"After two weeks, my body transformed - more open hips, flatter stomach, and a general feeling of well-being..." - Camille L.

"I've completed the challenge 3 times... It's the best $35 I have ever spent!" - Cynthia M.

"...I love the variety... Since each day has a different theme I never get bored..." - Sylvia


Can beginners join the program?
Yes! It's designed for all levels, with instructions clear enough for beginners yet challenging for more advanced yogis.

Do I need any special equipment?
No special equipment is required, just your yoga mat and a willingness to improve your health and well-being.

How long do I have access?
You have lifetime access, including all future updates and bonus content, at no additional cost.

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