10 Points for Better Coaching


10 Points for Better Coaching

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Revolutionize Your Approach to Coaching

Are you ready to elevate your coaching skills and lead your team to victory? "10 Points for Better Coaching" is not just a product—it's your next step to becoming a coaching legend. Crafted from the insights of Mike Dunlap, a name synonymous with excellence in basketball coaching, this title is a treasure trove of wisdom for coaches at any level. Break free from the shackles of conventional thinking and let this resource spark a transformation in your coaching technique.

Why Choose "10 Points for Better Coaching"?

  • Insight from a Coaching Legend: Learn from Mike Dunlap, with his rich background in D2 Championships, NBA, and international leagues.
  • Challenge Conventional Thinking: Packed with thought-provoking ideas that will challenge your current methods and encourage growth.
  • Diverse Wisdom: A compilation of successful strategies from renowned figures like John Wooden, Jim Collins, and Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Comprehensive Coaching Resource: From teaching best practices to personal growth and networking, it's all covered.
  • Positive Impact Guarantee: Though it steers clear of tactics and plays, the strategic insights promised will revolutionize your team's performance and your coaching career.

Transform Your Coaching Journey Now

Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, "10 Points for Better Coaching" offers invaluable guidance to refine your coaching philosophy, improve team performance, and foster personal growth. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field and make a lasting impact on your team's success.


Who can benefit from "10 Points for Better Coaching"?
Coaches at all levels, from high school to professional, looking to enhance their coaching skills and team's performance.

Is this suitable for coaches outside basketball?
Yes! While the insights are drawn from basketball, the principles of effective coaching, leadership, and team management are universally applicable.

How can I access this resource?
"10 Points for Better Coaching" is available in both book and DVD format, making it easy to learn on your preferred medium.

What makes this different from other coaching guides?
This resource is not about plays or tactics but about fostering growth, challenging existing methodologies, and encouraging innovative thinking in coaching.

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