How We Can Help Your Basketball Training Business

Chris Hungerford

Chris Hungerford CEO

If you are a basketball trainer you know that the competition is fierce.  There are more and more trainers popping up everyday.  Here is how I think we can help you and your training business stand out from the rest.


  • DVD Rentals - The first way we can help you is through our Rental DVDs.  You have to know basketball and be on the cutting edge of training and coaching methods if you want to stand out.  Renting DVDs from top trainers and coaches is a great way to quickly increase your knowledge of the game and see new ways of doing things.  You can then take these methods are put them into your training.  You don't have to tell anyone where you got them and continue to get all these great methods and ways of teaching.  Never become stale in your teaching and always be willing to learn and accept the fact that you don't know it all no matter how successful you become. Renting DVDs won't break your budget either.  Rent it, watch it a few times, and take away what you need and then rent another DVD to gain even more knowledge.  Renting won't break your budget either.  In fact you'll get the highest return possible on your investment because there is a little cost in renting and huge rewards for your athletes and your business. 
  • Training Aids
    • Defender Extender Training Pads - These are great because you can really challenge any player you might be training.  If you watch our videos we break down many ways the pads will help show your athletes flaws that they might not even see yet.  By training vs. someone who is longer, taller, and more athletic you can quickly show them what they are doing wrong so that they will not get to the "next level" and be overwhelmed. Here is a selling point for your athletes.  Tell them by using the Defender Extender pads to point out flaws, they are not getting better for their competition now, but their competition in the future.  Train your athletes for the next level now!
    • Shooting Aids - I'm sure helping athletes learn to shoot and correct flaws is one of your main issues.  We have various ones but I think the Shooting Strap will be one of the most beneficial tools you will use with your athletes.  Most kids start out shooting by pushing the ball with two hands and problems associated with shooting like that will continue throughout their career.  The Shooting Strap is the best way to eliminate the off hand from interfering in the shot.